Our quick picks for gadgets that entertain on land, sea and air.

Shopping for the right gift doesn't have to be difficult. Here's some advice on getting tech gifts your kids and teens will love.

Ellipsis™ Kids Tablet

Cool factor: Zoodles® Kid Mode® is a digital playground loaded with educational apps, videos and e-books. This tablet comes with free lifetime Kid Mode Premium access, so you can tailor the learning to age and skill level.

Great for: Kids 8 years old or younger. The Ellipsis Kids tablet is encased in a kid-tough, removable bumper that protects it from drops, bumps and scratches.

Also worth noting: Your kids can use it like any other Android™ tablet to play games, watch movies and browse the web.

GizmoGadget™ by LG

Cool factor: Call or send a message to your child on this wearable device. You can also keep tabs on them using the GPS locator.

Great for: Kids 7 years old or older. It’s easy for them to use with simple buttons, and fun too.

Also worth noting: The GizmoPal 2 is a similar wearable with many of the same features but designed for kids as young as 4.

Parrot Jumping Race MiniDrone

Cool factor: Zip along at up to 8 mph and jump more than 2 feet into the air. The retractable wheels make it easy to maneuver.

Great for: Teenage fans of remote control cars who may want to have fun with something that’s more futuristic.

Also worth noting: You can also talk and listen through the MiniDrone. Simply speak into the piloting smart device and hear it relay your message. Capture photos and videos of your stunts—you can even live-stream video as you drive.

Parrot Airborne Night MiniDrone

Cool factor: LED lights help kids fly the drone from their phone outside at night.

Great for: Teens looking to make the most of their after-sundown curfews.

Also worth noting: Aerial acrobatics are a breeze. With a top speed of 11 mph, kids can flip the drone with a tap from a phone and turn it with a swipe.


Cool factor: 360-degree sound. That means this lightweight speaker plays its crisp highs and deep bass in every direction.

Great for: Teens. The UE Roll’s bungee cord straps easily to a bag or backpack.

Also worth noting: It’s waterproof for up to 30 minutes at a depth up to 1 meter, so it’s perfect for kayaking or a trip to the beach.


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