‘OK Google’ is more than a phrase — it’s a key to home improvement.

Every parent has wished for their own personal assistant at one point or another. The answer is Google Home, a voice-based virtual assistant that can help manage the daily tasks of your life and household.

Whether it's to-do lists, calendars or apps, digital information is often stored in many different places, and can take time to access. Google Home can connect all of these sources to help deliver the information you need quickly just by saying a few words.


Here are 4 features of Google Home that can make parents' lives easier:

1. Quick setup: Consumer Reports praises Google Home for offering the "easiest setup ever," especially compared to other devices that use both wireless and Bluetooth. Simply plug the device into the wall and the AC adapter to the base. Download the free app and you’re good to go.

2. Questions answered: With access to the Google search engine, families can use Google Home to help answer the endless stream of questions kids ask — whether during homework or when just walking by. “You can ask math questions ('OK Google, what’s the square root of 729?'), get history help ('OK Google, who founded the United States?') or learn geography facts ('OK Google, what’s the capital of India?'),” writes USA Today.

3. Hands-free use: Google Home can be used to manage other devices, such as the television and smart-home gadgets. “Not only can you ask your AI to play movies and shows ('OK Google, play ‘Easy’ on Netflix'), but you can also dock the remote and use just your voice for TV commands,” writes Wired. “Need to answer the door? 'Pause the TV.' Seen this one before? 'Next episode.' Kids making a racket? 'Turn on captions.' Kids making so much of a racket that you have to go give ’em an earful? 'Jump back 40 seconds.’”

4. Digital planner: By asking a simple question, parents can find out if they need to leave early for work, when the baby has a doctor’s appointment or if they need to pack an umbrella. That’s because Google Home accesses Google Calendar and other Google services to give users a clear picture of their day. And the system is smart enough to know what you’re asking, "even if you butcher the question or don’t get quite the right term,” The Guardian notes.

The Verge may sum up Google Home’s appeal best: “The Home has something that the Echo doesn’t: a wealth of knowledge about the world, my personal preferences, and my habits. In other words, it has Google.”


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