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Whether it’s prepaid handsets or devices to make your home more secure and efficient, Verizon is a one-stop shop for the entire household. Here, get familiar with some useful products beloved by the tech press that make life a little easier for everyone under your roof.

For keeping tabs on the kids: LG GizmoPal 2

For parents who want to keep younger children away from social media, texting and other digital tools a bit longer, there’s the LG GizmoPal 2, a checking-in wearable that provides geofencing alerts—notifications sent when the wearer leaves a certain zone—and auto calling to/from four people. Fatherly calls it “simple to use” and praises its auto-answer function for calls that go unanswered after 10 seconds. likes its solid battery life, which in testing provided ”about two and a half hours of solid talk time and four days of standby.”

For staying in touch: Apple iPhone SE

An affordable entryway to Apple, the iPhone SE Prepaid offers “essentially an iPhone 6S inside the shell of an iPhone 5S,” according to DP Review. Editors at Engadget praise the “flagship-level performance and best battery life” that they’ve seen from an iPhone “in years.” How good is the iPhone SE? Engadget goes on to call it the “best compact phone Apple has ever made.”

The SE’s functionality exceeds what you’d expect from a starter phone, from fingerprint recognition to a 12-megapixel iSight camera that DP Review praises for its “massive panorama images and 4K video.” And since durability is a key factor for young users, there’s an angular, easy-to-grip aluminum chassis. Finally, the SE is fast enough to run any game a child would have your permission to download. In tests, Macworld UK saw “no sign of lag or unresponsiveness.”

To find lost items quickly: Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker 4-pack

Car keys, briefcases, backpacks—anything that can go missing around the house eventually will, which is why the Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker 4-pack exists. Attach the key-ring-size chips to any items you misplace regularly and track them via the Tile app, which provides up to 200 feet of “sweet, sweet Bluetooth range,” according to iMore.

And thanks to cloud connectivity, Tile offers another “killer feature,” as Wired explains: “If other Tile users are near your lost keys, the Tile on your keys can still chime and update its location on the map.” The Tile also offers a two-way feature. “Press the Tile logo in the center of the tracker,” writes Tom’s Guide, “[and] your phone will ring (quite loudly), thus helping you to pinpoint where you left that device.”

For sleeping easier: Canary Flex security camera

Digital Trends raves about the Canary Flex, a system seemingly “designed to mitigate any worries a user may have about turning their home into a localized surveillance state.” The editors particularly like that it “can be used indoors or out, wired or wirelessly, right out of the box without any additional accessories.”

Meanwhile, the reviewers at appreciate the smart connectivity of the Canary Flex, noting that users can “ask Google to check Flex’s battery life,” and if on an Alexa-enabled device, “you can use your voice to request a live feed of your Canary cameras.” Overall, CNET praises its “adaptability, simple app interface and excellent design,” calling the Canary Flex “a great choice for anyone who needs a lot of flexibility in their home security setup.”

For audio delivered your way: Google Home

If you’re looking to add streaming audio to your living room, Google Home offers an easy, crowd-pleasing option. Tech Radar praises its “massive song library,” while marveling at how such a little device can produce such amazing sound. “Uncap the bottom base and you’ll find a speaker and two passive radiators, which, considering the sheer volume the little device can put out, is impressive,” the editors note.

Meanwhile, Engadget praises the Google Home’s “tasteful design” and goes on to suggest that the Home can be a great tool for discovering new music with your family. “You can simply tell the device to "play some new music" and it'll select an appropriate playlist, tell you its name and start it up,” the editors note.

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