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The Wi-Fi–powered Canary security system warns of intruders and monitors air quality

The modern smart security system protects your home and family with motion detectors, air quality sensors, video and audio streaming and more.


There’s a new, hassle-free way to help protect your home, and it comes in the form of a tiny, sleek cylinder. Canary All-in-One Home Security is a plug-in-ready smart device that allows you to monitor everything from break-ins to air quality, all from your smartphone.

The setup

Straight out of the box, the Canary is smaller than expected. Looking more like a fancy bookend than a top-notch security system, it should fit unobtrusively into a corner or on a shelf.

To get started, all you have to do is plug it in and connect it to your home Internet through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. After installing the Canary app (for Android™ and iOS), you can view live video and audio of the inside of your home and get notifications about would-be intruders and harmful chemicals in the air.

That's it, you're done. Now that the Canary is set up, you'll be able take advantage of the system's many awesome features:

1. Get a smart, bird’s-eye view

While you’re away, Canary can detect new or unusual movements in your home, like an opening door or window. The motion-activated camera captures a short video and sends a notification to your smartphone.

Much like the Nest® Learning Thermostat™, the more you use the Canary, the more it understands your home’s daily rhythms and motions. So for all you pet owners out there, the Canary will ping you during a break-in, but not every time your dog gets off the couch.

2. Monitor your air quality

Canary doesn’t just keep you safe from external factors. It also protects you from dangers inside the home. Canary has sensors that measure the air quality of your environment, letting you know if there are any polluting chemicals you should be concerned about.

3. Get readings on humidity and temperatue

Owning a device that can measure humidity and air temperature can do a world of good for your health. High humidity, for example, can lead to moisture damage and mold growth, which in turn can aggravate allergies and respiratory problems.

Temperature readings could help you diagnose a drafty window or realize your pet needs some air conditioning on a hotter-than-expected summer day. If you're traveling, learning that temps have plummeted back home could spur you to turn your heat on before the pipes freeze.

4. Sound the alarm, remotely

When Canary sends a video alert to your smartphone, you can respond in several ways: Dismiss the alert, contact a neighbor or friend, call the police or remotely trigger the built-in siren. When activated, the siren will sound a 90+ dB alarm-that's about as loud as a police whistle-to let a would-be thief know he's been detected and send him on his way.

5. Get the view you need, even at night

The Canary has a security camera that records in 1080p full HD and uses a 147-degree wide-angle lens that can cover a huge viewing area. It also has a built-in microphone to pick up high-quality audio and-even better-automatic night vision to keep you safe through the wee hours.

6. Review up to 12 hours of past video

Your recorded video clips can be securely stored to the Canary cloud using encryption that protects your privacy. You can access the footage through the Canary app to view and maintain five free clips, each with up to 10 minutes of video, or pay a small monthly fee for additional space. This could be helpful if you ever need to investigate a suspicious occurrence in the past.

7. Come and go as you please

Because the Canary app can use your phone's GPS settings to determine your location, it can automatically switch from armed to disarmed mode as necessary. In armed mode, Canary keeps watch over your domain and sends you alerts of anything suspicious. In disarmed mode, Canary detects your presence at home and turns off its watchdog features.

At the end of the day, you’ll be singing the praises of Canary’s great safety features.


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