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Verizon Prepaid plans: your top questions answered

Flexibility is the name of the game with Verizon's Prepaid plans. Picking one that works for you is easier than ever.


Verizon’s No Annual Contract Monthly Plans can be a great way to keep your spending in check—thanks to no overage charges—while giving you access to America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

Here, we’ve answered your top questions about Verizon prepaid plans:


What is a Verizon prepaid plan?

With No Annual Contract Plans (also known as prepaid) you can pay a month in advance for your service, or pay as you go and pay only for the minutes or text you use.

You can also choose from a monthly or daily plan that includes an allowance for a set price. There are no deposits or credit checks.


What prepaid plans are available?

Several. Two of the most popular smartphone monthly plans are $45 for Unlimited Talk and Text with 3 GB of data with Auto Pay or 2 GB without, or $60 for Unlimited Talk and Text with 6 GB of data with Auto Pay or 5 GB without.

All monthly plans also include Unlimited Text to Mexico and Canada.


Can I bring my own device to a prepaid plan?

Yes, as long as it is a certified Verizon Wireless 3G or 4G device. Unlocked devices from other wireless carriers are not eligible.


Does Verizon sell phones to use on a prepaid plan?

Yes. View the selection of prepaid phones here.


Do I still need to pay an activation fee?

No. There are no activation fees for prepaid plans.


What features come with prepaid service?

Quite a few, including:

  • 1,000 minutes to Mexico and Canada for only $10 per month
  • Add more data when you need it for:
    • $5 – 500 MB (Good for 30 days)
    • $10 – 1 GB   (Good for 90 days)
    • $20 – 3 GB   (Good for 90 days)
  • Voice Mail
  • Data Alerts
  • Backup Assistant
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • 3-Way Calling

To see more features or find out more about a Verizon prepaid plan, check out the Prepaid Plans FAQ.


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