Verizon Home Phone Base para 5G Home Internet

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Conecta tu línea telefónica fija directamente a la base del teléfono residencial para recibir el servicio. O bien, conecta la base del teléfono residencial a un tomacorriente de módem, que convertirá cada tomacorriente de tu casa en un puerto para teléfono residencial. Este producto solo está disponible para clientes con el servicio 5G Home Internet. Para obtener más información y verificar si la red 5G está disponible en tu dirección residencial, visita home.

  • Servicio de voz móvil que usa tu línea telefónica fija existente
  • AGPS para funcionalidad E911
  • Batería de respaldo recargable
  • Compatible con el servicio 5G Home Internet de Verizon



8 reseñas


de los críticos recomiendan este producto.

Easy to setup and works great

tlapree1187 - Hace 22 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I see a lot of people are having problems with their devices, but mine works great. I was even able to port one of my wireless lines to the device to turn into a home phone for my elderly grandmother for an easier phone to use for her. Has only dropped 1 call in a few weeks. I think it is great.

Drop Calls

Tina - hace 1 mes

This device drops calls all the time. We didn't ever have this problem with our prior wireless verizon home base device. We live in a rural area with a weak wireless signal. We installed a signal booster and it did not help.

Drops calls

Randy - Hace 13 días

We got this device to upgrade from the previous one, and are disappointed with the weak signal. It continually drops calls and is very frustrating. (don't buy one like this)

Constantly drops calls

Jjalibo - Hace 13 días

Got this for a family member I have the old model and have had no problems this unit drops calls constantly on the second unit it is 100 yards from my old unit which has never dropped a call don't buy one


Leeboy - Hace 13 días

Constantly has to be reset. This is the second one. We were charged for both. Am really tired of having to do a hard reset customer service was of no help. Now they want to charge me a fee for terminating the line. Avoid this product!!!

Terrible service

Rookie - Hace 22 días

Drops calls even after they sent a tower to strengthen signal. Features don't work half the time. People can hear me but I can't hear them. Have to reset often. My contract is up so looking for another service provider.