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Llévate un par de audífonos que se adaptan a tu vida. Con sonido auténtico, una batería de larga duración y puntas cómodas que se mantienen en su lugar de manera segura durante todo el día, los audífonos BeatsX son tus compañeros inalámbricos ideales.

Sonido envolvente.
Escucha más música y menos distracciones gracias al sonido auténtico y nítido y al aislamiento de ruido optimizado. Un diseño acústico innovador ofrece una respuesta de agudos clara y bajos sin distorsión para una experiencia más natural.

Cómodos y seguros.
Disfruta el ajuste ideal con 4 opciones diferentes de puntas y un práctico cable Flex-Form. Las puntas de ajuste seguro mantienen tus audífonos en su lugar de manera segura. Y cuando no los tienes puestos, los audífonos magnéticos mantienen su diseño compacto sin enredarse.

Diseño inalámbrico como debe ser.
Con la tecnología Bluetooth clase 1, puedes emparejar tus audífonos fácilmente y sin problemas.† Mantén tus BeatsX cerca de tu iPhone para conectarte simultáneamente a tu Apple Watch, iPad y Mac.‡

Control en la palma de la mano.
Contesta llamadas a través de un micrófono incorporado, reproduce música, activa Siri y haz mucho más usando RemoteTalk. Alterna entre las funciones con un control remoto de 3 botones fácil de usar.

Batería de larga duración.
Reproduce música, contesta llamadas y haz mucho más con una batería de 8 horas de duración gracias a la eficiencia del chip Apple W1.* Carga sin demoras con una función de carga rápida en tus audífonos que te permite disfrutar una batería de 2 horas con una carga de solo 5 minutos.

*El consumo de batería depende de factores como la configuración de la red, la red del proveedor y la intensidad de la señal.

†El rendimiento inalámbrico puede verse afectado por objetos cercanos, como paredes, artículos de metal y otros dispositivos inalámbricos.

‡Requiere cuenta de iCloud y macOS Sierra, iOS 10 o watchOS 3.



16 reseñas


de los críticos recomiendan este producto.

Great Headphones

BeatsX - Hace más de 7 meses

Great fast charge, and battery lasts for awhile. I have had these for over a year and they continue to work as if they were new and the battery hasn't seemed to miss a beat either. They also stay in ear very well. Would definitely recommend


Slim2580 - Hace más de 5 meses

I really like these earbuds. I have only dealt with lg tones. But these have been more comfortable for my neck and the range on these are awesome compared to the lg tones platinum I can only go a short distance and my phone breaks up. Otherwise I really like these and would recommend them. The lightning charge is great too. I have had no issues with everyday use.

Lightweight, Amazing audio clarity, eases to connect

Clemson Tiger - Hace más de 10 meses

I love them. I upgraded from the LG Tones Pro's and I'm so glad I did. Much lighter. Much easier to connect I literally turned them on and my iPhone 7 plus showed them to me with a connect button. Tap the Connect and BAM! The Audio is amazing. My wife can't hear my TV binge watching on my iPad even with the volume cranked up. My only complaint is the total length could be a bit shorter, there's too much excess that could have been reduced to lighten them up even more.

Just Like The URBEATS

bobbbbbbbb1 - Hace más de 6 meses

To be honest I was a bit skeptical on these since i never really liked Bluetooth headsets. But since I lost My urbeats which were my favorite, these are now my go to earbuds. I have used them while i work out which is normally the only time i use earbuds. And they've done just great i was but worried about sweat but , what i usually do is take em off after 2 hrs of sweating to dry em off a big , or just wear them over my clothes and not directly on my neck

Great for work!

EJones - Hace más de 9 meses

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I do factory work, these last for 8+ hours a day on one charge! They cancel out a good amount of noise too which was a must for me! It’s very loud where I work. I’ve used these everyday for about 2 years now and the battery still lasts all day and charges quick! I recently damaged some wires internally while trying to clean them around the neck piece, my fault. I was not able to fix them so I will be buying a new pair. Super happy with these!! 10/10

ineradicableandtenac - Hace más de 9 meses

I love these head phones. I have own two pairs the black ones for a few years and the red ones i just got them i just love them, they fit my every day style and are basically an accessory to my dress code which is mama code my husband purchased the apple ones the last generation but as a stay at home mother these are the better choice for me i would choose these over those any time, they are more comfortable, simple and convenient not to mention more affordable not that that is an issue for my husband since he loves to spoil me :) and best of all, they sound awesome.