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Convierte superficies planas en una gran pantalla de visualización para compartir fotos o ver partidos interesantes con el proyector Motorola Moto Mod™. Simplemente coloca el proyector Motorola Mod en tu Moto Z Droid o Moto Z Force Droid, y estarás listo para mostrar tu contenido favorito.

Comparte al instante
A veces la vida es impredecible. Pero con el Moto Mod estarás listo la próxima vez que quieras compartir tus fotos favoritas con amigos o hacer stream de los mejores partidos para que todos puedan verlos. Simplemente acerca el proyector Insta-Share a tu teléfono y proyecta al instante tus fotos de las últimas vacaciones o el programa que todos quieren ver.

Excelente ángulo de visión para todos
Ya no tendrás que moverte de aquí para allá al ver contenido en una pequeña pantalla. Ahora puedes usar tu teléfono para proyectar el contenido en una pared de interiores, una carpa en exteriores, o incluso un techo. El proyector Insta-Share Projector convierte cualquier superficie plana en una enorme pantalla de 70" y transforma cualquier espacio en un cine al instante.

Llévalo a todas partes y proyecta donde quieras
Con un diseño ultradelgado, el proyector Motorola Moto Mod te permite llevar contigo entretenimiento en pantalla grande, dondequiera que vayas. Guárdalo en la mochila o tu bolsillo. Luego simplemente colócalo en tu teléfono, abre la base de apoyo y proyecta en una pared o techo. Está diseñado para ver cómodamente desde casi cualquier ángulo.

Obtén una hora adicional de proyección
El proyector Motorola Mod también tiene una batería incorporada. Así que tienes una hora más de proyección*, incluso si se está terminando la carga de tu teléfono.

*Todas las afirmaciones sobre la duración de la batería son aproximadas y están basadas en un perfil de uso combinado (que incluye el tiempo de uso y espera) siempre que haya un óptimo funcionamiento de la red. El rendimiento real de la batería variará y dependerá de muchos factores, incluidos la fuerza de la señal, la configuración de la red, la edad de la batería, la temperatura de operación, las funciones seleccionadas, la configuración del dispositivo y los patrones de uso de llamadas, data y otras aplicaciones.



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Best mod of all time

Silentavalanche - Hace más de 4 meses

I just purchased this yesterday and I'll tell you this. This thing is way better than Motorola gives it credit for. It claims to go up to 70 inches, but I managed to get 125-130 inches without sacrificing resolution. It may only be 480p, but if you have whatever content you are watching at 1080p/60fps, the projector seems to perform better than any others I've used. I also love that you can charge the mod and the phone at the same time while in use as well. The fan on the projector gives it a very mild hum, but it doesn't matter if you don't listen for it. Overall I'll give this thing a solid 9/10. Only issue is a one hour battery before going off the phone. Keep it up Motorola! Can't wait for the true HD version.

Worth every penny!

Farmer4862 - Hace más de 5 meses

This little projector is awesome! The image quality is really bright and clear when in a sufficiently dark room. Super fun to be able to lay down in bed and project on the ceiling! Also amazing for outdoor movie nights! I paired this with an awesome Bluetooth speaker I also got at Verizon and it is practically like being at the movie theater!

Respuesta de la Atención al cliente de Motorola - Hace más de 3 años

Hi Farmer4862,

Thanks for your wonderful feedback! Great experience to have a portable projector to share your phone's screen during movie time or presentation. Great mod for a great phone.

-Jess MotorolaMobility

Awesome mod

MotoFanatic101 - Hace más de 6 meses

I bought this mod not really thinking too much about how cool it would be. It has a built in fan so when it is used for a while it is self cooled. The description says 70 inches but if you pull the phone back further you can get the picture bigger, but you don't want to go too far because it makes the picture kinda grainy. One thing would be nice, if it had built in speakers because the phone speakers aren't enough if your watching a video and it's not just you watching, there's Bluetooth speakers but then there's more drain on your phone's battery. The should also be a brightness setting because if your not using it on a flat white wall even if it's an off white color then the brightness of the image is impacted so make sure you have a flat bright white surface to project on. That said, I'm definitely happy with my choice to purchase this little device. It's not bulky, is a really cool device to show off to all your friends, it would be great to sit back with a gf/bf husband/ wife at night lay down on the bed/floor/couch, some this on your ceiling and cuddle up to a Netflix or home videos etc. This device will project anything that can load on your phone screen. Not recommended for games though unless you somehow have a wireless controller for your phone as you can't look at the projected screen and know where to press the phone screen buttons. If my daughter gets a little rowdy I just pop this baby on my phone put on a cartoon from Netflix or YouTube and give her some head phones while she lays down in bed and watched it... Problem solved! Get one! You won't regret it!

Amazingly versatile

Luthinator - Hace más de 4 meses

I got this with my Z force2. I use is in our living room with a bluetooth stereo for family movies. it works great in the dark and on a white wall. It is not the best for well lit area and it doesn't have super high resolution. for what it is, its amazing. a small projector like this that can stream anything from your phone, is so cool.

Great for camping!

DJ Daddy Bif - hace 1 año

Bought the Moto Z just for this projector mod. Use it in our camp trailer just before bed or outdoor movies with friends around the fire pit. Image quality is fantastic! Much brighter than the one I use for my DJ/Karaoke business. Bluetooth to outdoor speakers and you're golden! Only negative aspect is the auto Keystone feature. I'd like to be able to manually override it at times.

Family Fun

MrsWhite2017 - Hace más de 11 meses

Purchased for my fiance for Christmas, he has since moved the television to the side and only watched movies theatre style. Connects to the JBL speaker. The only thing I don't like is that it won't project the football games from go90. I know that's not the projectors fault but it's a fair warning and the battery doesn't last long. We love it.