Protector de pantalla de vidrio OtterBox Alpha para el Pixel 4a



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Refuerza tu pantalla táctil con el protector de pantalla OtterBox Alpha Glass para el Pixel 4a. El vidrio antiastillas y contra rayones protege la pantalla contra caídas, golpes y abolladuras por el uso diario. El diseño moldeado cubre tu pantalla de borde a borde. El vidrio templado ultrafino conserva la capacidad de respuesta de la pantalla táctil y la calidad de la imagen, de modo que lo sentirás y lucirá como si no hubiera nada. Y no deja residuos cuando se quita.

Fácil de colocar.
La herramienta de aplicación incluida te permite colocar  el protector de pantalla fácilmente, sin que queden burbujas ni protuberancias.


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Easy Application, Solid Product

Jules - Hace más de 11 meses

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I debated between this and the only other option for my phone offered by Verizon. I did do some research of course, looking for cheaper options from other sources as well but in the end, they were not worth it - you get what you pay for. After finding a very helpful review on the u tubes showing the difference between OtterBox and the only other option Verizon sells for my phone - it came down to two things as they're both they're the same price. Application and Thickness/Screen Use Super easy to apply, took me less than a minute and came out perfect. The quality is great, I expect it will do just fine. The thickness is ideal, it doesn't cause any problems with the touch screen which after doing research, I found the other option does sometimes interfere with it so that was that. Besides, OtterBox has a great reputation and it's not the first time I've used their products to protect a phone.

Not strong

Katie - Hace más de 8 meses

This protector got scratched within days of my application (just from being in my purse side pocket?). Today my phone dropped a whopping 14" off a chair and into a clay pot and it completely crushed the side of this glass and splintered across the screen. I'm hoping when I remove this, the phone screen has at least been protected.

Respuesta del área de asistencia al cliente de OtterBox - Hace más de 11 meses

Hi Katie,

We are so sorry to hear that Alpha Glass said its goodbyes so soon! Although we strive to offer the best protection possible to safeguard your investment, the Alpha Glass wasn't actually designed to be indestructible as much as it was intended to absorb impacts that might compromise your phone otherwise.

As long as your device emerged from any and all falls unscathed, we'll call it a win and help you with a brand-new warranty replacement. Please feel free to click on over to our Support/Warranty page on our OtterBox website, and we'll get you back on track to sturdy screen security!

obcst OtterBox

Junk don't spend the money

Cracked junk - Hace más de 7 meses

Cracked 2nd day it was on the phone. Dropped it 8 inches

Respuesta del área de asistencia al cliente de OtterBox - Hace más de 7 meses

Hi there,

We're so sorry about this. This Alpha Glass screen protector is tough, but every drop is subject to a multitude of variables, many out of our control. The good news is we have a great warranty that's calling your name. Please feel free to give us a call at (855) 688-7269 and we'd happily set that up for you!

obcst OtterBox