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Kyocera Brigadier

This device is no longer available for purchase.

Stay entertained and connected on your travels and outdoor adventures with Brigadier™ by Kyocera. Sporting rugged good looks, this smartphone features the durable Sapphire Shield™ display. Brigadier survives drops, dunks and kerplunks-it's waterproof and protects against dust, shock and vibration.


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pretty rugged, great camera, not much good as a phone

1Thom - 4 years ago

I am s months away from having this phone paid for and having to replace it. This phone has been a problem from day one with it placing calls at random to people I haven't called in months. Forget using the speaker phone on this one, it is bad. the rubber grommets have a weak little rubber string that keeps you from loosing them, but when the string brakes, they want you to send it in for repair. once you loose one plug, the phone is no longer water proof. The screen has a adjustment to the touch and no matter where you set it, it stays the same, and forget about using gloves on it, it won't work. I think it was better when a phone was just a phone.

It's a tank!

megadeth - 4 months ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Love it! I don't know why phone manufacturers feel all options need to be the size of a tablet these days. this was one of the smaller screen sizes out there, fits easily in your pocket, and is built rock solid! I've dropped it, crammed it into my motorcycle bag, piled tools on it, and it has no scratches. battery life is good (not excellent), but for how I use a phone, it's perfectly fine. no frills, but the OS works well and this is a great phone.

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