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Preguntas frecuentes sobre dispositivos conectados a 5G Home Internet de Verizon

These FAQs answer common questions about managing the devices connected to your Verizon 5G Home Router.

To learn more about the 5G Home Router and how to manage your 5G Home Internet network, see our Verizon 5G Internet Gateway FAQs.

For general information about 5G Home Internet, visit Verizon 5G Home Internet FAQs.

For more information about the 5G Home Internet Installation process, see our Verizon 5G Home Internet Professional Setup FAQs.

Información general

  1. Why are some of the devices connected to the 5G Internet Gateway not shown on the Smart Devices tab or Wi-Fi signal strength test in My Verizon?

    Only devices that are connected via Wi-Fi directly to the 5G Internet Gateway will display on the Smart Devices tab and Wi-Fi signal strength test results. Devices that are connected to 5G Home Internet through a Wi-Fi extender or Ethernet cable will not display on the Smart Devices tab or the Wi-Fi signal strength test results page in the My Verizon website or app.

    Wi-Fi extenders installed with the 5G Internet Gateway will not show on the Wi-Fi signal strength test.

  2. How can I improve the Wi-Fi signal strength of the devices that show a fair or weak signal from the 5G Internet Gateway?

    You can move the device closer to the 5G Internet Gateway to improve the signal strength or have a Wi-Fi extender installed by a certified installation technician at no charge. You can also use the Troubleshooting Assistant tool below for your specific router to find ways to improve the signal strength of your devices.

    View the 5G Internet Gateway Troubleshooting Assistant tool.

  3. Why are the download or upload speeds slow?

    Many factors influence internet speed tests: time of day, the speed test server selected, processing speed of test device, Wi-Fi limitations, number of devices attached and configuration of your local area network (LAN) to list a few.

  4. How do I block devices from connecting to the 5G Internet Gateway?

    There are two ways you can block a device from connecting to your 5G Internet Gateway:

    • Block a device completely by disconnecting it.

    You can manually disconnect a device from your 5G Internet Gateway. That device won't be able to connect to 5G Home Internet until you reconnect it.

    • Schedule when a device will be blocked.

    You can schedule specific days and times that a device will be blocked from connecting to the 5G Internet Gateway. You can set up a different schedule for each device connected.

  5. Will I be able to connect my home security system to the Alarm port on my 5G Home Router?

    At this time, the alarm port on your 5G Home Router is not currently supported, but it will be in the future. Please do not connect any home security system to the alarm port until this feature is supported.

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