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Regalo de datos - Términos y condiciones

Data Gifts

Data gifts can only be purchased by and sent to VZW customers. Only VZW customers with an eligible data plan may receive and redeem data gifts. If you receive a data gift and terminate or cancel your postpaid VZW account, or switch to a non-qualifying plan or ineligible account type, your data gift may be forfeited. Data gifts are not transferable and will not be prorated.

Data gifts can only be used to obtain postpaid data service. Data gifts cannot be used to purchase any prepaid wireless services (including, but not limited to, voice services, text messages or data services), digital goods, equipment, or other goods and services. Data gifts will only be applied to data usage in the United States.

Data gifts are only applicable for future data usage and cannot be applied to accrued data charges or overages on a VZW account. Receipt of a data gift will not prevent VZW from billing overages to your account. So, for example, if you were close to reaching your data limit in a month and chose to activate a 2 GB data gift, it would cover your next 2 GB of data. But you could not activate a data gift to cover a 2 GB overage that has already occurred. Once you redeem the data gift it will: (i) be added to your account, (ii) be shared by all lines on your account, (iii) be decremented before your monthly data allowance is charged (in other words, we use the data gift up before your monthly data allowance) and (iv) expire at the end of your next scheduled bill cycle regardless of whether or not you use the entire data gift amount.

Data gifts have no cash value, are not returnable or refundable, and may not be exchanged or redeemed for cash. You can use your data gift during the billing cycle of your choice, and that opportunity does not expire, but is subject to the limitations and restrictions set forth in these terms and conditions.

Gift Card and Data Gift Purchases

When you purchase a gift card or data gift through the Service, you may charge it to your VZW account or your credit card or payment card/account. Eligibility requirements may apply. If you purchase and send a gift card or data gift through the Service, then those charges, including any taxes and surcharges, if applicable, will appear on your VZW bill or your credit card or payment card/account bill, as selected by you. By purchasing a gift card or data gift, you acknowledge that you are authorized to use the designated VZW account or credit card or payment card/account and you authorize us to charge your purchase to that VZW account or credit card or payment card/account. When you provide your payment information, you authorize us (or a third party payment processor) to process and store your payment and related information. Credit card or payment card/account processing fees may apply even if the credit card or payment card/account has expired or changed by the time VZW submits the charges. You are responsible for resolving any problem we encounter in order to proceed with your purchase. To prevent a line on your account from charging gift cards or data gifts to your VZW account, visit To learn more about blocking, please visit: