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Preguntas frecuentes sobre Get Ready para tu próxima reserva

There aren't any pre-orders right now, but check back frequently for details on our next big device release. In the meantime, you can shop for one of our best devices online today.

  1. What is Get Ready?

    Get Ready is a faster, simpler way to pre-order a device using the My Verizon app. Configure and save the device options - such as color, storage, screen size - you want, ahead of time, so you can speed through checkout at pre-order time. If there is a promo available, you will be able to save it along with your device configuration. The promo will be automatically redeemed with your order.

    You'll have the option to use a saved payment method ahead of time or to wait until pre-order starts to complete checkout. If you provide your payment info ahead of time, Verizon will automatically process your order when pre-order begins. If you don't have a saved payment method, you'll need to add one first in My Verizon.

    If you don't provide your payment info ahead of time, when pre-order begins you'll need to complete checkout with the My Verizon app.

    Order now. Get it fast.

  2. How do I use Get Ready?

    Get Ready is available in the My Verizon app 12-24 hours prior to pre-order. If you're eligible, we'll send you a notification when a device is available to pre-configure. During this period, you can pre-configure the device options and save them in your shopping cart.

    One of the ways to save your cart is to authorize Verizon to place the order for you when pre-order opens so you don't have to come back. This option will display if your purchase qualifies for it at the time you save your cart.

    If for some reason, we're not able to process your order, we will send you a text after preorder opens to let you know. Alternatively, the other way of saving your device is to select the "I'll come back later" option. Simply come back when pre-order opens, retrieve your cart in the My Verizon app, check out and you're all set. No worries, we will send you a reminder after preorder opens.

  3. When will I receive my device?

    Your device will ship the first day it is available. Delivery time will depend on the type of shipping you select during checkout. Visit our Shipping FAQs to learn more.

  4. If I pre-configure a device using Get Ready, am I guaranteed to get the device?

    Orders will be shipped in the order they are processed. If you chose to have the order automatically processed when pre-order starts, you will receive the best available ship date based on the time your order was placed.

    If you did not choose to have your pre-order automatically processed, you will still need to complete checkout with the My Verizon app when pre-order begins.

  5. When will I be charged for my device order?

    You'll be charged the day your order ships.

  6. If I don't use Get Ready can I still pre-order the device?

    Yes. You'll just need to configure your device during pre-order. Keep in mind, some devices go fast during pre-order.

  7. How many devices can I pre-configure and save for pre-order?

    You can pre-configure and save up to 5 devices prior to pre-order.

  8. Will I be reminded to purchase the device when pre-order is ready?

    Yes. We send you a push notification via the My Verizon app to remind you when pre-order has begun so you can complete checkout.

  9. Can I cancel a pre-order that I set up through Get Ready?

    Learn more about cancelling orders.

  10. Will I qualify for promos if I pre-order using Get Ready?

    Yes, if a promo is available you can redeem it during your order or after checkout.

  11. Can I change my plan, add features and purchase accessories when pre-ordering my device?

    If a promotion is available that requires a different plan, you'll have the option to change your plan. However , you cannot add/change services and apps, or purchase accessories in advance with Get Ready. However, you can change your plan, add/change services and apps, and purchase accessories during the checkout process, once pre-order has begun.

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