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Acerca de nuestros anuncios

Acerca de nuestros anuncios

Verizon advertising using information collected on our websites

Verizon uses vendors that place and read cookies on our sites to help us deliver Verizon marketing messages on other non-Verizon sites. De conformidad con normas de autorregulación del sector, you should see this icon in or around Verizon advertisements that are delivered on other sites using information collected on our sites. Al hacer clic en este ícono aparecerá información sobre las compañías y las prácticas de datos empleadas para la entrega del anuncio, también verás una descripción sobre cómo cancelar tu inclusión en esos programas de anuncios.

Information used by third-party advertising entities

You may see third-party advertisements on Verizon websites, services, apps and devices. Some advertisements are chosen by companies that operate on our sites and other sites (for example, ad servers, ad networks, or technology platforms) to place ads on behalf of advertisers. These companies may place and access cookies on your device to collect information about your visit to our websites and may collect device advertising identifiers from your mobile device to learn about your use of apps, including ours. The information they collect from our sites and apps is in a form that does not identify you personally and may be combined with similar data they obtain from other websites and apps to help advertisers better reach audiences they wish to target. Targeting may be accomplished by tailoring advertising to interests that they infer from your browsing of our sites and apps and your interaction with other services where these companies also are present. AOL also provides these types of services to advertisers; more information is described in the AOL privacy policy.

Advertising that is customized based on predictions generated from your visits over time and across different websites and apps is sometimes called "behavioral" or "interest-based" advertising. De conformidad con normas de autorregulación del sector, we require that companies disclose when they are using online behavioral advertising programs to deliver third-party ads on our sites or collecting information about your visit to our sites for these purposes. They must also give consumers the ability to opt-out of this use of their information. You should see an icon in or around third-party advertisements that are delivered on our sites using behavioral advertising programs. Clicking on this icon will provide additional information about the companies and data practices that were used to deliver the ad as well as information on how you may opt-out of these advertising programs.

The Digital Advertising Alliance Canada normas de autorregulación del sector y instrucciones de cancelación are available for MapQuest customers in Canada. MapQuest customers in the United Kingdom can also access normas de autorregulación del sector y instrucciones de cancelación.

Similarly, advertising may be customized based on predictions developed from your use of applications and industry self-regulatory principles also apply. This type of advertising involves the use of device advertising identifiers. View information about opting out of this use of your device advertising identifier.

Información adicional

Política de privacidad de Verizon provides more information about these and other Verizon advertising programs and the choices you have about participating. To learn more or to limit the collection of information for online interest based advertising, you may also visit the website.