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Learn more with Verizon's Wireless Workshops

Take advantage of free Verizon classes and tutorials to become more familiar with your smartphone.


Maybe you just got a new phone, or perhaps you’re not taking full advantage of the one you have. Either way, a Wireless Workshop is the perfect opportunity to learn more about your device with the guidance of trained Verizon Specialists.

By attending a free class at a local Verizon store, you'll get info on topics like the ones below, while staff walk you through using your phone and answer any questions you may have. Here's a little of what's covered at an hour-long "Android: Getting Started" class:

1. How to organize screens

Android phones tend to have multiple screens that you can browse with just a glide of your finger across the touch screen. But how do you organize all your icons across five or more screens? Learn how to move your icons around, get rid of shortcuts, and add apps and widgets to a screen.

2. How to conserve the battery

With all the ways we use our smartphones, it's no wonder they don't stay charged for days at a time. But tips given at a workshop will help you maximize your battery's life. You'll also learn how to customize the setting on your screen's timeout and to choose the appropriate selections in the phone's "Battery and Data Manager" setting.

3. How to use voice recognition

Yes, Android phones have voice recognition too. A microphone usually appears when your virtual keyboard pops up. You can use the microphone to speak your words instead of typing them. This will also work with your Google search bar. Learn how to take your voice commands a little further with the pre-loaded app in your app menu.

4. How to navigate the app market

Learn how to access Google Play with the pre-loaded widget on your home screen, check for updates to all of your apps and search Google Play for apps, music, books, and movies. The new interface is easy to use; you navigate by the type of content you're seeking. Our Experts will also show you how to make browsing and purchasing practically seamless by setting up an automatic payment option and how to secure that payment option with a PIN.

5. How to monitor data usage

The Battery & Data Manager is a great tool for managing how your phone uses data. You can decide whether your phone runs background data, connects when your device is roaming and other options. Keep an eye on how much data you're consuming by downloading the My Verizon Mobile app, which will let you log in to your account to track your usage whenever you want.

Learn more about these topics and others by attending a free Wireless Workshop. Visit verizonwireless.com/workshops to see what classes are available in your area.


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