Carcasa Spigen Slim Armor para el iPhone 11

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Protege tu teléfono con la carcasa Slim Armor para el iPhone 11. La carcasa delgada de bolsillo tiene protección de doble capa, con exterior rígido e interior que absorbe los impactos. La tecnología de cámara de aire proporciona protección de calidad militar contra golpes y caídas. Un pie de apoyo integrado te facilita colocar el teléfono en un escritorio o mesa para ver con facilidad. Además, es compatible con la carga inalámbrica e inversa, por lo que no tienes que quitar la carcasa para cargar el teléfono.

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Calificación 4.5 de 5


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Calificación 4 de 5

Lipinsar000 · 1 year ago

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The back of the case scratched pretty easily but considering how rough I am on phones I'm very happy with it! It is extremely comfortable in my hand and isn't too thick. I will but this case again ones This one is destroyed

Spivey Slim Armor case for iPhone 11

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Justme · 1 year ago

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I bought this case and a glass screen protector online from the Verizon store when I purchased my new iPhone 11. I went to the official Version store because it came with a plastic piece that appeared to be part of the case. I tried numerous times to get it to work with the case and nothing I did allowed it to fit with the case. I was told by the technician that this piece of plastic that looked like some sort of a frame or a part of the case was nothing but a piece of plastic trash. He thought that it possibly was an accident from the factory? He really had no idea why or how it was placed in the New box with the phone case. then he said it can just be thrown away. If there would have been any directions with the case this would have saved me a trip to the store. I did however; trade it in on a Otterbox case because I know and fully trust the brand Otterbox and I have used them with all my previous iPhones. I felt more comfortable with the new one than I did the Spivey case. If you like the Spivey case I would suggest you get it. I'm just a creature of habit and felt better knowing that I had the Otterbox versus the Spivey case. The Spivey case looked good, fit perfectly, it had half rose/pink colored metallic on the back and the rest was a more flexible, rubbery, case. The Otterbox is a more rigid and sturdy feeling case in my opinion than the Spivey case. It's just your personal preference. I appreciated the Verizon store allowing me to trade it in even for the one I was able to look at and compare it to all of the others before I made my final decision on the case.