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Putting the Droid Turbo 2’s Powerful Camera Into Focus

I couldn’t catch any fish during my day on the lake, but I sure caught some beautiful nature shots.


In addition to testing the Motorola Droid Turbo 2’s groundbreaking feature—a guaranteed shatterproof screen—I was eager to try out the new phone’s 21-megapixel camera.

I love kayak fishing and the natural beauty of what I’m able to see while I’m paddling around, so I thought, what better way to check out the phone’s photo capabilities than on a colorful autumn afternoon out on a lake?

When I'm out paddling, I never leave the shore without my phone and fishing rod. If I land the "big one," my skeptical fishing buddies will demand visual evidence.

So I need a camera that can take sharp images quickly (fish have a tough time holding still, despite my commands). But it also needs to fit into the pocket of my fishing vest where I can get to it after reeling something in.

Unfortunately, the fish weren’t cooperating with me on this day, but no matter: when the fish aren’t biting, I enjoy taking nature photos.


One of the Turbo 2’s features I found particularly handy was being able to access its camera just by holding the phone and twisting my wrist twice. I wouldn’t have to spend time unlocking the phone and launching the camera app if I wanted to capture something fleeting, such as a turtle just before it dives off a rock. Those odds increase even more with the phone’s 21-megapixel camera (16.1 megapixels in widescreen mode) with rapid focus.

Another useful photo feature was being able to take multiple shots when I held my finger down on the phone's screen. That comes in handy if you want to make sure you at least have one great shot of that shy turtle or other skittish wildlife.

I wasn't able to snap a close-up of my trophy fish to show how great it captures even small details, so a lure will have to do. You can really see the rubbery, speckled texture and varying colors (orange, red, green and yellow).

Me, my selfie and I

Of course, you can’t spend a day taking pictures on the water without snapping a few selfies to show friends how much fun you’re having, right?

I was eager to test the Turbo 2's front-facing wide-angle lens so I could show off my sweet ride. I've found that a phone with a regular lens makes it difficult to see much of my kayak when I'm shooting a selfie.

The result? Using a Bluetooth® selfie stick, the Turbo 2’s wide-angle feature let me see about 25 percent more of my kayak in the background. Fantastic.


Red sky at night, paddler’s delight

After a couple hours out on the water, it was time to head back home. I watched the sun begin to set behind the tree-lined shore. The view was breathtaking, so I grabbed the phone and snapped some photos. The resolution was super-sharp with rich, true-to-life details, even as the sun slowly dipped below the shore. Simply stunning overall.


Shot with the Turbo 2 from a nearby boat.

A flash in the night

The Turbo 2 also has an extra flash on the front-facing 5-megapixel camera to take better selfies when lighting is less than optimal. I took a few photos of myself after the sun had gone down-some with the flash off, some with it on. The colors were balanced, plus the image didn't have that whitewashed look you sometimes get when using a flash. And no redeye, either.

Bottom line? The Droid Turbo 2’s camera delivered more than I’d hoped for: sharp, beautiful, color-rich shots that can be taken at the spur of the moment.


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