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Tell a better story with your photos

Photographer and storyteller Nick LaVecchia takes you on a surf trip to Panama.




As you swipe through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook lately, notice anything different? With the rise of picture-sharing apps like Steller and Flipagram, people are telling unique stories with their smartphone photos, everything from Star Wars to taking a great pet selfie.

But how do you make your pics stand out from the rest? Armed with a Samsung Galaxy S®6, photographer Nick LaVecchia shares his expert advice on compelling storytelling, using photos from a recent surfing trip to Panama.





Start flipping out

You don’t need to fly to Panama to do this yourself. Explore the most popular posts on Stellar and Flipagram, grab your phone and start imagining the next great story that only you can tell.

Photos shared on a Global Plan with Verizon, shot with a Samsung Galaxy S®6.




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