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Pequeño y poderoso. Google Home Mini tiene Google Assistant integrado, de manera que puedes hacerle preguntas y pedirle que haga cosas. Google Home Mini te permite obtener ayuda de manos libres alrededor del hogar, fácil y rápidamente.

Reproduce, pausa y retrocede. De manos libres.
Controla tu música, tus películas y programas favoritos* usando sólo tu voz. "Oye, Google, reproduce música popular".

Gestiona tu hogar inteligente.
Usa tu voz para controlar tus luces, termostatos y demás cosas compatibles. "Oye, Google, apaga las luces de la habitación".

Tu voz. Tu información.
Obtén respuestas personalizadas para todos en casa con el reconocimiento de voz. "Oye Google, ¿a qué hora es mi primera reunión mañana?

Requiere conectividad Wi-Fi para la configuración y el funcionamiento.

*Se requieren suscripciones para acceder a determinado contenido.
Google Home Mini puede distinguir hasta seis voces en total.

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This is awesome - No idea why it is so cheap.

Clemons - Hace más de 5 meses

First - Verizon ships this device faster than others. Second - I have two echo dots - they're not even close in quality or intellect. I'll be selling them on Facebook tomorrow. When it comes to a smart speaker, it is impossible to beat the smartest search engine - google. The volume and sound quality on this small device is impressive and it looks great. For the price, these will be an awesome gift for family members. P.S. If you have a 5 year old, you'll thank me later. The Google Home mini never gets tired of answering impossible questions.

Affordable and Useful

DevBot - Hace más de 6 meses

Can't beat the price. Works great with my chromes cast enabled tv and sound bar. Way better than the echo dot. Google ecosystem pairs much better with my smart home products.

Way better than the Echo Dot

franli2 - Hace más de 2 meses

I have the Amazon Echo Dot, and Google Home mini. I had the Dot for a year, and found that I kept running into issues with the device. It couldn't answer questions properly, such as the weather. You had to add skills to get it to give you a detailed weather report. Many of the skills offered were things that I never really would use. So I decided to give the mini a try. I've had it for almost 5 months, and now have them throughout the house. One by my TV, one in the kitchen, one in the bedroom, and one in the bathroom. I find it responds to questions quickly, you can ask it more detailed weather. If looking for music, it has a better understanding of your commands than the echo dot. The devices have decent sound, and you don't need to add skills for every little inquiry. I ended up buying these and giving them as gifts for Christmas. Every person I have given this to has loved it as a gift and has found it useful in their household.


Dapper Dan - Hace más de 2 meses

This is probably the second review I have written in maybe a year. I don't like writing them, but this device just draws you in, and makes you happy. My apologies for it's length. Having had the Mini about one month, it has never failed my expectations, and continues to amaze me. I have nothing but good to say. I cannot honestly fault anything about it. Right out of the box, after plugging it in, and downloading the app, it performed perfectly, just about setting itself up. There are many volume levels to satisfy you, from a whisper to loud, whether playing a Christmas song, or telling you how far it is to a friends house, or operate a switch to turn my Christmas Tree lights on or off. How much fun and convenience is that? The value is well beyond the selling price. I think it can be the gift of the year. Leave a note for Santa, or buy yourself one and enjoy!

Excellent Performance

USA1ARIZONA - Hace más de 9 meses

Great price and fast shipping via Verizon. Google Home Mini is a breeze to activate and is a pleasure to use. Wonderful addition to my smart home. Extremely pleased with my purchase and have recommended to family members.

Mother's Little Helper! Love it!

Momof5blessedpeople - Hace más de 6 meses

We love our Google Home Mini. I got one for each of my siblings. I love asking questions without having to go search on my phone. Monopoly game rules, distance to destination, history, weather, and my favorite podcast of Joyce Meyers accompanies me during morning coffee. I also enjoy having music at the command of my request. Hey Google! Play some Christmassy Jazz. Right on it! Love it! Alarms, reminders, etc.... So helpful for this busy mom of 5.