Apple iPhone 11


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Conoce el iPhone 11. Un sistema nuevo de dos cámaras para capturar más de lo que ves y te gusta. El chip más rápido en un smartphone y una batería que dura todo el día para cargarlo menos y usarlo más.¹ Y con la máxima calidad de video en un smartphone para que tus recuerdos se vean espectaculares. El iPhone 11 viene en 6 colores hermosos y tiene una increíble pantalla LCD Liquid Retina de 6.1 pulgadas.² Aprovéchalo al máximo con Verizon, la red más premiada del país.

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Amazing iPhone 11. Robust and fast!

Mtrsprt - Hace 10 horas

Glad I bought the 11 over the 12. Saved a ton of money and the 11 is plenty of performance. 4G LTE will be supported for at least 5 more years as well and is PLENTY fast.

Great features, love the Face ID.

Anne75 - Hace 5 horas

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

My only complaint was it did come with the charger, only the cable. So now I have to go buy the charger separately because the new cable doesn’t fit the old charger. The IPhone also did not include earbuds. I mean you pay a fortune for these iPhones and they could at least include these two accessories. I feel it is ridiculous that there were not included. Just petty complaints is what apple will think. But it isn’t petty to me. I’ve been a good customer to apple. I also supply my granddaughter’s iPhone.

Better than 12!

11AppleBetterThan12Apple - Hace 5 horas

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I went down from my 12 to the red 11. My iPhone 12 had a lot of problems and so did my moms 12. Like 5G connect not working and when I go to 4G it’s as fast as my old iPhone 5s. I like my 11 more. It has what I think same camera and a better size. Yes the 11 and 12 are both 6.1 IN but the 11 is taller which fits more with me. And I feel the 11 is faster. I don’t know why my 11 is faster. It could just be this unit. Plus the battery life is SO much better than the 12! I rate the 12 1.0 and the 11 5.0

Love New Features

Banana - Hace 3 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I finally decided to Up-Grade from my IPhone 8 Plus. The only reason I did was I needed more space. It was a tough decision b/c my 8+ had exceeded all expectations. I kept my 8+ just in case I found I wasn’t satisfied. My new 11 has been an adjustment... but I’m satisfied. Enough so, that I gave my 8+ to my Granddaughter whose 7 had finally bit the dust. If I not been satisfied with my new 11... I would never have let go of my 8+! The photos on 11 are incredible! Photos and more space are my major requirements. Phone calls seem to come thru clear. I haven’t had any dropped calls. The only problem I have had is occasionally when I go to Camera mode via pull down menu camera doesn’t pop up ready to take the photo. Could be user error... could be glitch... but I am still satisfied. After all 8 Plus is a hard act to follow and had I been able to find a NEW 8Plus with 128 or 256 space I would not have chosen to upgrade! Battery Life is great! Color (yellow) is nice! Size is better than 8+ because it fits my hand/pockets much better! So far so good. Only Time Will Tell! I generally keep my phones 2-3 yrs so... hopefully the 11 won’t disappoint!

Much better and smoother.

BeevGotti - Hace 5 horas

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I purchased this in March 2021 my old iPhone 7 went out. The only complaint I have is it does not come with a charger. If you pay that much $600.00 for a phone APPLE should include it. Now my son wants to get one but I don’t know I told him that it does not come with the charger. He’s thinking about it.

20+ year cell customer iphone 11 best ever

kolffan - Hace 5 horas

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

iphone 11 has THE BEST battery life of any cell phone I've owned as a 25+ year consumer. With judicious use (check email, light texting, light app use) this is the only phone I've had that needs recharging only every second day, sometimes longer interval. Previous phone iphone 6s plus required daily charging, and any use would have immediate massive battery consumption up to 30% depletion in half hour. Iphone 11 can use an app gor a few minutes and begigible battery consumption. We have 4 iphone 11 phones on account now. Also Face ID fairly reliable compared to iphone 6s plus home button fingerprint id. Of all the dozen+ phones I've owned, iphone 11 by far excels, plus is water resistant. Hope Apple doesn't taint the experience with a future ios upgrade that negatively impact battery life. Decided against iphone 12 due to its predominantly terrible reviews, know people with wifi connected texting issues, and marginal nattery life. Who wants a great camera if the phone won't work reliably or has marginal battery life? Get iphone 11 while you can!

1 Todas las afirmaciones acerca de la batería dependen de la configuración de la red y muchos otros factores; el resultado real puede variar. La batería tiene ciclos de recarga limitados y podría ser necesario reemplazarla por parte de un proveedor de servicios Apple. La duración de la batería y los ciclos de carga varían según el uso y las configuraciones. Visita y para obtener más información.
2 La pantalla presenta esquinas redondeadas que siguen un hermoso diseño curvo, y estas esquinas están dentro de un rectángulo estándar. Cuando se mide de forma rectangular, la pantalla tiene 6.06 pulgadas en diagonal. El área de visualización real es menor.