Apple iPhone 12 Pro


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Presentamos el nuevo iPhone 12 Pro. Velocidad 5G.¹,³ A14 Bionic, el chip más rápido en un smartphone. Y un sistema de cámaras Pro optimizado para tomar fotos con poca luz.

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Adam Brian Orr - Hace 6 horas

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

READ Nowwwww !!!!!!! Important

Moe 1187 - hace 1 día

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

All of y’all that are complaining about the iPhone12 Dropping calls it’s a simple Fix because 5G is so new there is limited towers for 5G go to your settings and turn off the 5 G so your running on 4G ... iv had several different 5G phones since they have came out it’s not just the iPhone 12 it’s all phones that are 5G Capable once every where gets updated to 5G y’all will be set try it and let me know if it works out for y’all if you can comment back it’s not the iPhone and it’s not just Verizon it’s all Carriers iv had metro and boost also ... just trying to help y’all out

Didn’t want to upgrade, so happy I did!!

ToniMomto3 - Hace 1 hora

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Like other reviewers said, 5G is not everywhere yet. It’s not the phone. It’s the service - 5G needs to expand where it’s not. In a 5G area, you will see the difference. All cell providers need to expand the network to get full benefits of a 5G phone. I was using an IPhone X. Lightweight for my hands & reliable, but it would die quick after a full charge & using battery saving settings. It would also freeze up. Power off & on. I didn’t like the 11, too heavy with arthritis. I figured this would be heavy also. Nope! Perfect! Screen size is perfect, not too big and obnoxious. Fast, camera works amazing, love portrait mode, the editing & mark up feature is great, quick response to my touch, and when I am in a 5G area…wow…it’s quicker. Everything loads fast! I can get a few things done in moments - Sign a doc, compress a PDF, fax it, save it to files, browser tabs open, edit pics, be in a Zoom meeting, return an email, you name it…and it keeps up quickly with it all. Always loved iPhone after using Android and Apple is now more compatible w/ non-Apple products. There were too many ways to do one thing with Android. The mail app on IPhone lets me add several addresses along with my iCloud email in one spot. Chrome works great vs Safari for a browser. The iPhone is clear cut, simple, and many tasks can be done without needing to download more apps. The Home app is amazing for controlling any Smart devices in the house & works with many brands. The Family Sharing allows me to set screen time for other devices & monitor what my kids view, set restrictions, allow extra time online, etc. Airdrop whatever I want to share with contacts nearby & Health app syncs with my non-Apple devices. It works with many non-Apple devices & from the phone I can do much more saving time & my patience. Iphone - Simple. Quick. Ease of access for many tasks, yet comprehensive. Holds its value to boot. Wait for the 5G if it’s not in your area, worth the wait!

IPHONE 12 Pro great phone if you like apple

BO BO - Hace 7 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I love my new iPhone12 pro it is a huge improvements from my 6plus. Also the iPhone 12 Pro is a perfect size you don’t need a pro max get the regular pro and use extra money for more memory.

Great phone

Tincan - Hace 3 horas

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Phone is great. Live in a rural area, it makes calls, data and texting have been reliable. Battery life has been very good.

The best iPhone I've used so far

Scott McDada - Hace 4 horas

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Honestly, the XR was a "just fine" iPhone, and so was the 7. So I guess that means the last time I was really impressed with a new one was the iPhone 5S, in 2015. The camera is the first one that made me surprised at the quality of the images, the functionality and form are all top notch, and it feels nicely solid and stable, unlike some of the lighter and 'glassier' feeling ones (my work phone is an iPhone 8). I live in an area with high 5G coverage, and the only place I've traveled (NYC) is the same, so the connectivity has been excellent, even when I use it for a tether on my work laptop. So big thumbs up for me.

1 5G Ultra Wideband disponible solo en ciertos lugares de ciudades selectas. 5G Nationwide disponible en más de 2,700 ciudades.
2 La afirmación se basa en la comparación de la parte frontal de Ceramic Shield del iPhone 12 y iPhone 12 Pro con respecto a la generación anterior de iPhone.
3 Se requiere un plan de datos. 5G y LTE disponibles en ciertos mercados y a través de ciertos proveedores. Las velocidades se basan en una transmisión teórica y varían según las condiciones del sitio y del proveedor de servicios. Para obtener detalles de la compatibilidad con 5G y LTE, contacta a tu proveedor y consulta
4 Requiere un Apple TV o un televisor habilitado para AirPlay.