Apple iPhone SE (2020)


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El iPhone SE es el iPhone de 4.7 pulgadas más potente que haya existido.1 Con A13 Bionic, el chip más rápido en un smartphone, para un rendimiento increíble en aplicaciones, juegos y fotografías. Modo retrato para retratos con calidad estudio y seis efectos de iluminación. HDR inteligente de última generación para obtener detalles increíbles a todas luces y sombras. Video 4K en calidad cinematográfica. Y todas las funciones avanzadas de iOS. Con una batería de larga duración2 y resistencia al agua,3 es tanto del iPhone que te encanta, en un tamaño no tan grande. Tanto para amar en un tamaño tan pequeño con el iPhone SE y Verizon, la red más premiada del país.

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Pocket phone

Marya - Hace 8 horas

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I got tired of carrying “phablets” that were too large to to run about with. And I like wired head phone audio not just blue tooth. This is a nice apple I device with big memory perks and a real audio jack! I got the 128 gig because I like having audio books and tons of aux devices and health tracking apps. Price is right- not a rip off. I use a 7.5 inch android phablet for work related. But this refreshing iPhone is my personal and let’s go phone. I love it. Pocket friendly and big memory. Nice hand feel. First really good normal cell apple has made since the iPhone 6 fiasco.

Best bang for your buck

Scorsone88 - hace 1 día

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I watched a bunch of reviews on this phone, and I had to buy I got the 250 gig version and it was the best purchase I could make, it’s got almost all the features the 11 has operated flawlessly and even has the button still which I love! And it is super cheap that’s why I said it’s the best bang for your buck!

Very Satisfied

nsm878 - hace 1 día

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

This phone has performed as advertised. I knew little walking in and the salesman laid out the pros and cons of this phone compared to the 12 and it was a no brainer. As good a phone, for my needs, at half the price, easy decision. Great option to have smart of Apple to offer it.

Compromises aside because I was prepared

CountryDude - hace 1 día

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I bought my phone directly from Apple, so I don’t know if this review is fair (considering the negative reviews) Camera: decent for the price. Can’t complain Battery: won’t get you through a whole day, but it works Connectivity: Never dropped a call. Never lost LTE. I have good WiFi, but I never use it. I’m able to watch live streams and even live stream over hotspot in a pinch. It’s fine Bluetooth: range is impeccable because of Bluetooth 5.0. I use AirPods with no complaints or latency Performance: beautiful. No lags, no crashes, and works smoothly It’s just a basic iPhone. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the Flagship, but was it ever intended? Sure, it comes with no charging brick or dongle. Completely inexcusable. But luckily for me, I already had them. If you need a new phone, I recommend just buying it or getting a payment for it through the manufacturer. I’ve owned many phones in the past with bad experiences, but my best phones have always come from the manufacturer. I got my iPhone 7 back in the day from Apple, best phone I’ve ever owned, and this phone took that spot. It does all I want it to do, and it does it well. I can sync it with my 2011 MacBook Pro to get calls and texts. I think it’s a real bang for the buck. I in no way regret this purchase (well except for that looming side of me that wishes I could try out the flagships. I’m always shopping for the next best phone)

Solid phone.

DakotaPat - Hace 18 horas

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Im a guy that just wants a phone that works. I had an iphone 5 and 6 in the past. I run stuff as long as i can. I got my iphone SE in june 2020 (its the 2020 model) and have had no problems in 9 months ive had it. Same size as my 6 was and has a home button. Its basically a new and improved 6 as far as i can tell. Battery lasts all day. Hope they keep making a phone this size with a home button.

Excellent, as expected

Iphonebill - hace 1 día

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I have owned 7 iPhones and they have all been excellent. This is no exception. This phone is fast and lighter weight than the 7 Plus I recently had. The screen is definitely smaller but this phone is great for people who do not want to carry around a huge phone. I could not see paying the additional price for LED screen for some of the flagship models. LCD is fine. Touch ID works flawlessly. I have read some complaints about the battery but I feel like i am an average user and I have never had to recharge it yet during the day. My wife streams a lot of music and has to recharge hers during the day. I am very happy with this phone.

1. Tamaño de pantalla medido en diagonal.
2. La duración de la batería varía según el uso y la configuración. Consulta para obtener más información.
3 El iPhone SE es resistente a las salpicaduras, al agua y al polvo. Además, se probó en condiciones de laboratorio controladas; el iPhone SE cuenta con clasificación IP67 según la norma 60529 de IEC (profundidad máxima de 1 metros hasta 30 minutos). La resistencia a salpicaduras, agua y polvo no es una condición permanente y podría disminuir como consecuencia del uso normal. No intentes cargar un iPhone mojado; consulta el manual del usuario para ver las instrucciones de limpieza y secado. La garantía no cubre el daño por líquidos.