Google Pixel 4

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Presentamos el Google Pixel 4. Saca fotos con calidad de estudio con una cámara trasera doble de 12/16 MP que tiene modo de Visión nocturna. Realiza tu trabajo con el nuevo y mejorado Asistente de Google. Y controla tu dispositivo con gestos rápidos e intuitivos usando la función Motion Sense integrada. Verizon es tu destino obligado para llevarte los mejores smartphones como el Google Pixel 4, todo disponible en la red más premiada del país.



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Pixel XL Phones

Jcoronado1 - Hace 26 días

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Had Pixel phones since Pixel 2. Had the 4 for almost 2 years now with minimal issues. Way better then Motorola the brand I switched from.

Amazing Phone !! It's not trying to be anything else

Charles - Hace más de 3 meses

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Contrary to all of these reviews, I have this phone and absolutely love it. I have the XL and have been happy with the battery life. I am not the heaviest user, however my charge lasts 2+ days with about 4 hours of screen on time. I actually love the soli chip features and think they were just marketed(hyped) incorrectly. I don't care as much about the motion gestures available with the soli chip but the fact that the phone can sense how near I am and anticipate when I will pick it up is an incredible feature when I want my phone to unlock or when I want the ringer to decrease the volume as I am reaching to answer. These are the subtleties that I miss when I happen to be using my wife's iPhone.The 90hz screen is so smooth and the color is great. I understand that people have had bad experiences, but I have not had one. I love this phone and the performance, speed and overall user interface is great! I love the design, because I would rather have a low profile forehead than a notch or a punch. I love the Pixel Line and hope that google continues to deliver.

Love it

CJMOTA - Hace 4 días

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This phone is dope , I've always wanted to avoid apple products and Samsung material is cheap in my opinion. Which leaves me to an alternative to those two most popular phone. People are sleeping on the amazing Pixel 4! This is a Google phone so it's very helpful . A very positive feature I absolutely love is the fact that it is water proof ! I have lots of fun recording under water. The camera is one of the best features on this phone . The software is smooth and perfect . I will probably upgrade to a newer version pixel brings out later . Over all love this phone Bluetooth is on point .Every major app is associated with Google so they run smooth!! Best phone ever !

I've had the first PIXEL, the PIXEL 2XL and now the PIXEL 4XL

ICNguy - Hace 17 días

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I HIGHLY recommend this phone for many reasons. Throughout all my friends I'm the designated photographer. Enough said about the camera. I carry two cells both have two phone numbers through them, PIXEL and Samsung 9Plus. PIXEL has clearer calls, stellar pictures and easier to use. For travel abroad the PIXEL rocks it again. I've had one since Oct. '16 and have always pre-ordered the next gen when introduced.

Fast, Stable, Easy to Use Phone

Sully - hace 1 año

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The phone is fast, as expected, but the am surprised by the stability of the operating system so far. Typically the pixel phones have had wifi issues, bluetooth, app crash, etc on their new phones but this one has been good for me so far. No troubles moving around to different wifi locations and no issues connecting to any of my vehicles. Have not had any issues with any of my apps crashing or any other stability issues. Phone feels good in the hand and the camera is awesome! Face unlock has been fast due to SOLI. Other SOLI functions are limited right now but they have been accurate. One reason I switched to the pixel is because I hate all the UI layers that majority of the other manufacturers apply over android. I had the OG pixel, my wife has the 3 and other family members have the 2. None of the phones have had the slowness that I experienced with other manufactures. Battery life is not amazing but with moderate use I'm having no issues getting through the day. Pulled it off the charger at 7am and at 5pm I'm at 59% (75% brightness). One review for the Pixel 4 XL complained about the gesture navigation. You can easily change it back to the three buttons on the bottom of the screen by going to Settings>System>Gestures>System Navigation. Choose 3-button navigation on there.

Quick, polished, super-clean interface, just the right size

Anselm - Hace más de 2 meses

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I upgraded from a Pixel 2 which was my favorite phone ever, so had high expectations. The 4 is a good upgrade. Looks and feels great to hold, and most importantly it combines the very clean and customizable user interface of plain Android with exclusive Google features, some more useful than others. Face unlock is very fast, and gesture navigation is the best way I have experienced to get around the phone (although it takes a couple of days to truly get used to it). Finally, this is the best camera around (for still photos). Many comparisons with iPhone 11 Pro and it's a close call, but I've taken many amazing photos (mostly of family, kids, day to day stuff) with this phone. Video recording is good but there are other phones that will do more with 4K video. The battery life is average but if you don't spend many hours each day on your phone (or can top off the charge if you do) and want and Android phone that fits in a front pocket, this is the best phone on the market all-around.

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1 Google Photos ofrece almacenamiento gratis e ilimitado en Internet para todas las fotos y videos cargados en alta calidad. Las fotos y los videos cargados en alta calidad se pueden comprimir o cambiar de tamaño. Requiere una cuenta de Google. Se pueden aplicar cargos por uso de datos.
2 Solo en Estados Unidos. Visita para ver los idiomas disponibles.
3 No todas las funciones del teléfono están controladas por Motion Sense. Para más información y para conocer los países elegibles, visita
4 Hasta 10 W con el Pixel 4 y el Pixel 4 XL con el Pixel Stand (se vende por separado). Los resultados reales pueden variar.
5 Vida útil aproximada de la batería con base en una combinación de llamadas, datos, tiempo de espera, hotspot móvil y uso de otras funciones, con inactividad de la pantalla. Una pantalla activa o el uso de datos disminuirá la duración de la batería. El resultado real puede variar.