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Preguntas frecuentes sobre la mensajería avanzada

Here you can find answers to questions about Verizon's Advanced Messaging (RCS) service. Advanced Messaging is currently available for the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ smartphones.

For details about the Chat features on Google Pixel 3, please refer to the Chat Features in the Messages App FAQs.

Advanced Messaging Overview

  1. What is Advanced Messaging?

    Verizon's Advanced Messaging is a messaging service only available on the Samsung Galaxy sS9/S9+ smartphones.

    Advanced Messaging features include:

    • Send larger text messages: Create larger messages up to 8000 characters long. With Advanced Messaging you're no longer limited to 160 characters.
    • Typing indicators: See when your contact is typing in a conversation.
    • Read receipts: See when your message has been read.
    • Large group chats: Create group chats with up to 100 participants.*
    • High-quality media sharing: Share pictures and videos in high-quality.
    • Chat over Wi-Fi: you can send messages over Wi-Fi, even when you don't have a cellular connection.
    • Transfer larger files: Send larger attachments than ever before.
    • Location sharing: Share your location as you travel.

    *Group message recipients must also have Advanced Messaging enabled on a compatible device.

  2. Which devices are compatible with Advanced Messaging?

    Advanced Messaging is only available on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+ smartphones on the Verizon network. To begin using Advanced Messages you'll need to first opt-in to use the service and agree to our terms.

    Learn how to opt in to Advanced Messages on your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

  3. Who can I send Advanced Messaging messages to?

    Advanced Messaging messages can be sent to other Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ smartphones that are on the Verizon network that have also opted in to Advanced Messaging. Messages that are sent to someone who does not have Advanced Messaging will automatically fall back to SMS/MMS format. Advanced Messaging will be added to new devices in the future.

  4. How do I get Advanced Messaging?

    To begin using Advanced Messaging you must have a Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ and be on the Verizon network. Advanced Messaging will be added to more devices in the future. You'll receive a message through the Samsung Messages app asking if you want to opt-in to Advanced Messaging. Select Get Started to begin using Advanced Messaging.

    How do I turn off Advanced Messaging

  5. What happens if I send an Advanced Messaging message to a device without Advanced Messaging?

    Messages sent to devices without Advanced Messaging will fall back to SMS/MMS format.

  6. Can I send an Advanced Messaging message to a device on another carrier?

    Verizon's Advanced Messaging is currently not compatible with other carriers. Advanced Messaging messages that are sent to another carrier will fall back to SMS/MMS format.

  7. If I bring a Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ to Verizon from another carrier, will I be able to use Advanced Messaging?

    Yes, once your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ is activated on the Verizon network, you can opt in and begin using Advanced Messaging.

  8. How do I know if Advanced Messaging is enabled on my device?

    Advanced Messaging is currently available exclusively on the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ smartphones. You will know Advanced Messaging is available when you receive the message asking you to opt in. Once you opt-in it will be enabled on your device.

    To confirm that Advanced Messaging is enabled on your device:

    1. Tap Settings in the Messaging app.
    2. Tap Chat Settings. If you see the Chat Settings menu, then Advanced Messaging is enabled on your device.

  9. How do I turn off Advanced Messaging?

    Once you opt-in to Advanced Messaging you cannot turn it off from your device. To disable Advanced Messaging, please call Customer Service at (800) 922-0204.

  10. Am I eligible to opt-in to Advanced Messaging?

    You must have a Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ smartphone enabled for Advanced Messaging, a postpaid wireless account, the latest software for your device, and you must agree to these Terms and opt into the Service within your Messaging application. The Service will not work with messaging block on your account. Currently the Service is not available for prepaid customers, government accounts, select corporate accounts and customers currently activated on Verizon's Just Kids plan. Group chat requires all group users to have Advanced Messaging.

    If you switch between the Service and another messaging application, the Service may not work, may be interrupted, or you may not be able to access Messages.

  11. Can I send and receive files when in 3G coverage?

    To help provide a better user experience, the sending and receiving of files through Advanced Messaging is currently prevented when not in 4G coverage. Once back in 4G coverage, or better, you will be able to continue to send and receive files through Advanced Messaging.

  12. Will Advanced Messaging work on all Wi-Fi connections?

    Although Advanced Messaging is designed to work over a Wi-Fi connection, you may run into issues if connected to some corporate, business or international Wi-Fi connections utilizing a firewall.

  13. Will Advanced Messaging work while I'm roaming off of the Verizon network?

    Currently Advanced messaging will only function while on the Verizon network.

  14. Can I receive Advanced Messages while on a phone call?

    You can only send and receive Advanced Messages while on a call if you have HD Voice enabled on your phone. Learn more about HD Voice for Android.

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