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Guía de uso de My Numbers

Varios números. Un dispositivo. With My Numbers you can add up to 4 phone numbers with unlimited calling and texting to your smartphone and eliminate the hassle of carrying multiple devices.

Download the My Numbers app with Google Play™ and Apple® App Store®.

Refer to the instructions below for setting up and using My Numbers.


    1. Subscribe and set up a number

    2. Subscribe to My Numbers by purchasing a new number. You can add up to 4 numbers to your account.

    3. Manage number settings

    4. Customize the name, picture and sounds for your My Numbers phone number(s).

    5. Calling with My Numbers

    6. Make and receive calls from your My Numbers phone number and view your past calls.

    7. Sending and receiving messages

    8. Send and receive messages with your My Numbers phone number.

    9. Buzón de voz

    10. Manage and check voicemail messages left for your My Numbers phone numbers.