In the gym, we like to get down to the basics. Kettlebell swings. Flipping tires. But even though a workout-of-the-day isn't high-tech, it's good to stay on top of the latest and greatest devices and gadgets to use in the gym or the great outdoors.

So take a breather and check out 5 ways tech gear from Verizon can help with healthy activities.

Control your workout and stay connected with a smartwatch.

A smartwatch makes it easy to control your workout and stay connected. Sync your phone with a compatible smartwatch and your productivity will surely level-up. Verizon makes it super easy to add a line on a budget to get your smartwatch up and running. A lot of them even  have heart rate monitors. You can see all your alerts and texts without pulling out your phone. Skip a song if you're not feeling the track that's playing.

That last one's big, because the right playlist can keep you pushing through reps when you're spent. If you want to share those tunes with a whole group, step up your game with tip number two.

Workout anywhere with a Bluetooth speaker.

Grab a Bluetooth® speaker to keep the energy up. Gym-goers take turns controlling the Bluetooth speakers right from their phones. And maybe you all get one veto a week in case someone gets on a disco kick. Oh, and most of them come in different colors so they'll sound good and look good. Bring them to the park. The beach. And when you do,  bring something else along.

Stay powered up with a portable charger.

Portable chargers are a must-have for anyone that's constantly on the move. Some of these chargers are battery packs that can charge a couple of devices at once. Or you can find smaller ones you just set your phone on to get powered up. Whatever works better for you. But if you're looking for some tech help with a specific part of your health, the options are endless.

Verizon has sports and fitness gadgets for every need.

Wireless blood pressure monitors, activity trackers and accessory bands to keep all kinds of devices safe and secure. Speaking of safety, we recommend getting a phone case if you haven't already. With that little extra protection, your phone can take all the dirt, dust and bumps you throw at it.

And while you're out there living life to the fullest, you want to make sure everything is all good at home, right?

Keep an eye on your house while you're away with the latest home tech.

With the latest home tech, you won't have to worry about taking off for another adventure. Maybe you're out running marathons all over the country. Add an outdoor camera that sends you alerts when it catches anything moving. Or a video doorbell that lets you talk to anybody that comes to the door.

Download the My Verizon App to manage everything, and you'll be getting more out of life all day, everyday.