...all with Verizon Family Safeguards & Controls.

With Verizon Family Safeguards & Controls, protect your family and privacy and control how (and when) your children use their phones.

Block calls, texts and email

Block Calls & Messages enables you to block telemarketing calls in addition to calls and texts from specific numbers.

Internet Spam Blocking helps control Internet spam, and you can stop up to 15 email addresses sending you messages.

Usage Alerts tell you how much of your monthly data allowance remains, which can prevent unexpected extra charges on your monthly bills.


Network Programs & Permissions protect privacy by setting limits on the personal information made accessible to apps—including location data.

Verizon Support & Protection offers virus protection and safe browsing for free. Features vary by operating system.

Protección de dispositivos

Total Mobile Protection offers additional insurance in case of loss, theft, damage or defect after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.


Content Filters let you restrict the content accessible on each phone by age group—such as children 7 and over, teens 13 and up and young adults over 17.

FamilyBase allows you to place precise limits on each phone’s data use, minutes and messages. You can even set restrictions on the time of day each phone can be used or on the amount of money your kids can spend on downloads.

With Family Locator, use your phone, computer or tablet to check where each family member is at any given moment. You can also get text messages or emails that alert you when your children arrive and leave specific places, such as school, home or practice.

Activación básica

Learn more by visiting the Verizon Family Safeguards & Controls page, then set up your own controls through your My Verizon account.


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