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Encourage your child’s safe adventures with GizmoPal® 2 by LG and GizmoGadget™ by LG


It's that in-between stage. Your child is getting a little older and requires a little more freedom. They're not old enough for a cell phone, but you'd still like a way to stay in touch. Whether they're at the playground with friends or on a trip with their elementary school class, the peace of mind that comes from being able to check in with them is invaluable.

Sure to appeal to your child’s playful nature - and your sense of well being - are the Gizmo Pal® 2 and GizmoGadget™. Fun wearables for your loved ones, both devices have swappable bands and are meant to be worn on the wrist like a watch.

Stay connected on the go

GizmoPal 2 allows instant two-way calling with up to four contacts, and GizmoGadget supports up to 10 contacts. Manage authorized contacts through the GizmoHub™ companion app*.

GizmoGadget also adds a 1.3-inch touchscreen and messaging functionality. Send your child a brief message from your linked smartphone. When the message is received, a notification sound and animation is played.

Location monitoring from your smartphone

It's true that you can't be there with them every minute. But, with a GPS locator -that's built into GizmoPal 2 and GizmoGadget- you can pull up the companion app and see where the device is on a map. The app also lets you set boundaries, and if those boundaries are crossed, you'll get a notification, so you can take action.

Diseñado para los niños

Let’s remember these devices are made for kids, so of course they have to be fun. They come in bright colors and have interchangeable bands, so you can easily swap out one band for another of a different color (available separately) to match your child’s personality or color preference.

The GizmoPal 2 comes with two stickers in box (additional stickers sold separately), which your child can use to further personalize their device, making it more enjoyable to use - and show off to their friends. Additionally, GizmoPal 2 has fun sounds at the press of a button. O, tu hijo puede usar el dispositivo para convertir su propia voz y hacerla que suene como personajes divertidos.

Also waterproof**, GizmoPal 2 and GizmoGadget are protected against water balloon fights and splashing in puddles. If they get dirty or encounter a spill, they can be wiped clean.

Make getting fit, fun

Además de ser un dispositivo de comunicación, el GizmoGadget también es un controlador de actividad. Your child can use it to count their steps or jump-rope jumps, helping them turn free time into more active time. It's a great way to help them set fitness goals or start a friendly competition with their peers.

For a complete parents' guide to kids and tech, be sure to visit Verizon's Family Tech page today.

*El uso de datos se aplica a la descarga y el uso de la aplicación.
**Probado para cumplir con IPX7. No funciona debajo del agua; si todas las tapas están bien cerradas, el dispositivo está protegido contra el ingreso de agua en un máximo de 1 metros por hasta 30 minutos.


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