Learn how to compres a video so you can share award-winning clips with your friends.

The days of grainy video footage are long gone, replaced by the lush, sharp video produced by the high-definition cameras in smartphones like the Droid Turbo 2 by Motorola and LG G5. Now it seems the biggest challenge for budding directors is finding ways to share those award-winning clips with their friends.

At a time when a two-minute video can easily exceed 100 MB in size, Google confines Gmail users to 25 MB per post. WhatsApp draws the line at 16 MB. So what do you do? You master the art of postproduction, of course.

Cut down on file size

In some cases, you can simply shorten a video by using the software on your AndroidTM phone. Just look for the dropdown menu behind the three dots in the upper-right corner of the playback screen, choose the trim option and slide the editing tabs back and forth until you have selected a new beginning and a new ending.  

In a pinch, you can also transfer the 100 MB file to a computer via cable and compress it with Windows Live Movie Maker, but that's not always convenient. If you want a more straightforward approach, download the Video Converter Android app. The pro version comes with preconfigured prompts that help you reduce the size of the file to meet the standards for emails and texts. The lite version requires extra know-how about things like resolution and frames per second.

Use a video-sharing service

If you'd prefer to keep your masterpiece in its original format without sacrificing any image quality, consider WeTransfer. It's so easy to use, it doesn't even require registration. You just upload the video, type in an email address and WeTransfer sends a link to the recipient. Better yet, the file can stretch up to 2 GB. Just remember - that's a lot of data. If your smartphone usage plan has limits, you should upload using Wi-Fi whenever possible.

Lower your resolution

Finally, if you know right from the start that you plan to share a video via, say, text message, you can adjust the resolution before you begin shooting by going to the Application Menu. Here's the path:

Application Menu > Camera > Video Camera > Resolution > MMS

Good luck on the red carpet!

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