Losing battery life on the road when you need it most? Seasoned traveler Chris Raymond shares his top picks for chargers that keep you powered on the go.

Whether you're hiking in the Grand Canyon, reveling in a gorgeous California sunset or jetting off to New York on business, the last thing  you want is for your smartphone's battery charge to die on you when you're hoping to snap a picture - or heaven forbid - field a crucial call.

Not long ago, my young son and I took a college football road trip together - our first. Between posting photos to Facebook and trading texts with family members, the battery on my phone barely made it to halftime. Fortunately for me, a very kind fan offered to record our post-game victory celebration and send it to me. Needless to say, I'm now much wiser about preserving my smartphone battery life. Here are a few things I've discovered.

Choose a battery-saving mode

AndroidTM phones not only have an Airplane Mode, but also a Power Saving mode and an Extreme or Ultra Power Saving mode, which transforms the screen into a study in gray and puts all but the device's most essential features to sleep. You can access all of these options in Settings.

Change your settings 

If you prefer to manage the power restrictions on your own, start by shutting down all unnecessary apps and hardware (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS) before leaving home. Be sure to update your applications too. Upgrades often include power-saving measures. Next, choose a dark wallpaper and turn off the vibrate and automatic brightness functions. Finally, reduce the screen timeout option to 30 seconds or less. For a complete breakdown of your power consumption, check out the Battery tab in Settings.

AndroidTM phones not only have an Airplane Mode, but
Choose a battery-saving mode
Choose a battery-saving mode

Charge up with an accessory

If you're a frequent flyer or, more to the point, a person who relies heavily on a smartphone for work - a talent recruiter, say, or the Secretary of State - you may want to think about investing in extra firepower. The moto z2 force, for example, lets you fuel up fast and get hours of power in just minutes with TurboPowerTM charging. And then there are car charging options to suit almost any need when you're on the road. Energizer makes a charger that has four USB ports and an AC outlet - and it fits in a cup holder.

When you don't have a vehicle at your disposal, consider mophie powerstationTM duo or Sony's 10,000 mAh Portable Power Supply. They both offer different advantages. The powerstation mini is compact, but plenty powerful for a single phone or USB-enabled device. The other charger inclues dual outputs. For a little extra power in your pocket, consider a mophie pack. Not only will a mophie pack extend battery life, but it also protects the phone from the basic wear and tear of traveling.  

When you get right down to it, there's no excuse for failing to capture that breathtaking moment when you stand on top of the world, witness the glory of the setting sun, or enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience with your child. Not if you take a few minutes to plan ahead.

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