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How to use motion gestures on your phone

Learn about four motion control settings for the Samsung Galaxy S® 6 and how to activate them by simply moving your hands.


It was a sad day when Chloe Labbate got a job and moved out of her parents’ home. Mom and Dad weren’t just losing their daughter, they were losing their smartphone tech guru. But their guru knew what to do: Make tutorial videos for them.

Chloe’s mom and dad already knew how to set up a Samsung Galaxy S® 6 with a lock screen and personalized voicemail greeting. They were ready to move onto something else, like using hand gestures to control settings on their phones.

"It's kind of like having superpowers," Chloe said. She demonstrated the cool motion gesture features the phone has: Direct Call, Smart Alert, Mute and Palm Swipe to Capture.

To activate any of the gestures on your own S 6, access the settings in the top right corner of the S 6 screen. Then scroll down to Motions and Gestures, and tap the sliders to ‘On.’


Motion gestures explained

Direct Call: Lets you call up a contact if their details are up on your phone screen—no dialing required.

Smart Alert: Vibrates your phone whenever you have any missed notifications.

Mute: Lets you quickly silence ringtones and alarms.

Palm Swipe to Capture: Snap quick and painless screenshots of what’s on your phone.
No need to mash your home and Power On button at the same time.


More Verizon smartphones with motion gestures

Curious about other phones with motion gesture capabilities? Give these devices a try:

LG G4™ – Mute this phone the same way you would an S6. Palm your hand over the phone screen, or flip the device over.

HTC One® M9 – Activate Quiet ring on pickup to automatically lower the volume of an incoming call.

DROID TURBO 2 by motorola – A flick of the wrist is all it takes to quickly launch the phone’s camera app.


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