Encuentra la mejor tecnología para mantenerte comprometido con tus objetivos en cuanto a tu estado físico.

Year over year, runners are buying more wearable technology to get the most out of their runs. For serious runners, the benefits of wearable tech devices are clear; the ability to track real-time activity and analyze historical data, from heart rate to step cadence, helps continually optimize performance.

But serious runners know that no two runners are alike - which means there's likely a device on the market for every runner's style and goals. Check out our picks for hardcore wearables that can keep up with all types of intense training.

For marathoners: The Garmin Forerunner® 235

Marathon runners depend on tech that won't conk out before they reach the finish line. Because GPS watches constantly update location data, some tend to drain batteries quickly. But with an 11-hour battery life in training mode, this GPS watch can go the distance - even when that distance is 26.2 miles. It can even predict your race time based on how far run you've run already.


For beat keepers: Bose® SoundSport® Pulse wireless headphones

Listening to music is a great way to keep pace and push farther on a run, but you don't want bulky gear to slow your stride. These sweat- and weather-resistant headphones offer comfortable, wireless access to your music, so you're not distracted by a bouncing cord. Committed runners will appreciate the generous five-hour battery life and built-in heart-rate sensor, combining entertainment and analytics in one neat package.

For all-around athletes: FitBit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Serious runners can be serious about other sports, too, which means they need wearables that are flexible enough to meet all their fitness needs. This advanced all-day fitness tracker goes beyond capturing running stats such as pace, distance and elevation climbs. It also comes with a Multi-Sport mode, which automatically recognizes and tracks other exercises such as rides or cardio workouts. Plus, it offers other health and wellness support such as sleep tools and guided breathing sessions.