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5 ways the HumX gives drivers peace of mind

All the safety features of the original, now with a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.


The next generation of on-board diagnostic and devices (OBD2) for drivers is here. Even older car models can provide motorists with smarter, safer rides.

The Verizon HumX combines the vehicle-diagnostic and safety features of the Hum with the addition of a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. The small device plugs into the car and comes with a speaker that clips conveniently to the visor.


Here are 5 key strengths of the new HumX:

1. Constant connection: “The new Verizon HumX offers one of the strongest 4G LTE networks for in-car Wi-Fi, with many handy roadside assistance features,” writes Digital Trends. The mobile hotspot allows users to connect up to 10 streaming devices. The feature is especially useful for those who use their vehicles for work and need to remain available at all times.

2. Speedy diagnostics: The HumX can alert drivers to potential maintenance and safety problems before they become pressing. Via the Hum app, motorists are alerted on their smartphones if their vehicle battery is low, and also receive front-line diagnostic help when the check-engine light flashes.

Drivers can then use their HumX to connect with a mechanic, who can advise on possible vehicle problems to help customers determine in real time whether the vehicle is operational.

3. Safety, scored: With the HumX device and app, drivers can track their behavior on the road, from how hard they brake to how well they watch their fuel economy. The app offers drivers a safety score, along with guidance for how to improve their performance. It’s a feature that parents have especially appreciated. “You can use this to help young drivers get better at driving — and hopefully keep them safe,” GearBrain.com notes.

4. 24/7 assistance: Whether drivers experience a fender bender and need a tow, have a flat tire, or find themselves stranded due to weather, the HumX can help. The device offers roadside assistance with 24-hour coverage. Drivers can push a button to connect with a trained agent or reach emergency services. And if the HumX detects a collision and airbag deployment, it follows a smart safety protocol.

5. Informative alerts: The HumX allows users to set alerts if the car travels outside of a specific area or if the driver exceeds a certain speed. DadLogic.net says the feature is useful in helping track the movement of fleet vehicles at work — and even more so when monitoring teens’ driving behavior. “HumX gives parents peace of mind about their children’s driving habits,” the site notes.

This is a connected world, and cars need to be a part of it. As GearBrain.com's review sums up, "Whether you are a Verizon Wireless customer or not, HumX is one of the best OBD2 devices, with the most complete offering of services."


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