Kyocera DuraXV Extreme


16 GB Negro

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Presentamos el ultrarresistente Kyocera DuraXV Extreme, diseñado para soportar ambientes hostiles para que puedas afrontar los retos de la vida. Inteligente, compacto y ultraduradero, el DuraXV Extreme funciona en las condiciones más desafiantes. Diseñado con funciones fáciles de usar, como un teclado táctil grande y botones Alerta1 y Push to Talk1 programables, altavoz y teclas de Stop. El DuraXV Extreme también tiene una interfaz intuitiva que es fácil de navegar y personalizar. Combinado con una batería de larga duración, altavoces frontales dobles, cancelación de ruido en el micrófono doble, capacidad de hotspot Wi-Fi,2 y un potente procesador quad core, este teléfono es el compañero de ambientes extremos que no te decepcionará. Puedes confiar en que el DuraXV Extreme y Verizon, la red más premiada del país, estarán ahí cuando lo necesites.

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Great for my grandad he had an old Samsung phone that was on 1x bar that was 5 years old me and my cousin bought it for him he wasn’t use to it at 1st

Eli Padgett - Hace 11 horas

But overall for us to talk to him he is able to sit in his chair at home and watch tv and talk on the phone without dropping a call period.


JERRY - Hace 6 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.


High quality basic phone.

BMCPA - Hace 5 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

This phone has great all clarity and volume. Better reception than many smartphones it seems. It is as function as I could wish for in a basic phone.

Great features does everything I need a phone to do.

chad - Hace 48 min

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I replaced a broke iphone Se with this phone sick and tired of smart phones broke tree off them and the last five and a half years, this phone does everything I need a phone to do and it dont have the stupid apps that track your every move. Really happy with this phone and its a nice change to not have a smart phone after having one since 2020.

Kyocera DuraXV for blind or severe macular degeneration family

Chris - Hace 1 hora

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

We waited 4 months to write this review to ensure how the Kyocera DuraXV phone would work for our 93 year old mother with severe macular degeneration (legally blind). I am extremely happy to fully endorse the Kyocera DuraXV for any family member that may be visually impaired. The Kyocera DuraXV is a very rugged phone, and our mother feels that it will not break or fall apart as her last phone did (Samsung Gusto), and with the physical one button on the side of the phone, she can simply feel for the button, press it, and say "Call John", or "Call Sally", and it will automatically dial and connect anyone that is in her address list! Our mother, and all of us family members, could not be happier with the quality, ruggedness, and features of the Kyocera DuraXV Phone! Thank you Kyocera for making such an outstanding product.

Awesome phone to dump your smartphone!

- Hace 1 hora

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Ok, I am a very techy person. I was particularly in love with Apple. I usually had the latest iPhone every year - I had a 11 Pro Max until I decided I wanted to be free from the dependence and distraction of smartphones. I have many small children and I can't stand the idea of them growing up watching me stare at a screen. Anyway, I was TERRIFIED to downgrade to a flip phone. That meant I'd have to actually do a lot of things: get a planner, a GPS for my car, etc. I know, that sounds so dumb. Because it is. I was mostly concerned about texting. I knew I'd still have to call and text. I then saw a review by a guy on YouTube who convinced me! THIS PHONE IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING if you want to downgrade but still have some handy features. First off, the phone is rugged, solid! I don't have to worry about it falling. The keys are large enough to text comfortably. I use the XT9 word in English and it's fast AND accurate. However, I am bilingual so I switch to Abc mode for my primary language. No problem there at all, still quick for me. It has Bluetooth (and WiFi) so that's phenomenal - I get to keep and use my AirPods with it (which is so useful with little kids when talking on the phone) and it works like a charm. It connects automatically and works very well. I was told there was no easy way to transfer contacts from smart to dumb phone - not true. I backed up my contacts and sent myself the vfc. file via email and I got them all immediately. You're welcome for the tip! YES, this little guy supports email. It's fantastic! I can get pictures, music, contacts, and save it. Since I intend to not avoid using it as a smartphone, I have notifications off for email but it's there if I need it. It also has a browser, and it's super fast. YOU CAN EVEN ACCESS YOUTUBE VIDEOS and they're awesome! Again, not going to browse all day but I can access many things in case I need to. It can be a hotspot for up to 10 devices. I've tried it with my work computer and it works wonderfully well. Completely useful for someone that works full time. You can also assign a particular ringtone to different contacts which I find super useful. This phone supports group message, which I have a few. I can receive pictures, videos via text as well. So I'm not like lost in a world of instant texting and sharing pictures. Obviously the camera is not great, but it works decently. I mostly take pictures with my point and shoot camera, share them via email and then I can text them to people. The quality of the call is insanely good. So much better than my iPhone! The speaker on this little dude is also extremely loud. Calls and music are clear and loud! Battery life is obviously much better, but since I've been using it quite a bit I can't really attest to how long it'll go without a charge. I know it'll definitely be better than my previous phone. It also has a flashlight, so I'm not missing out on that useful feature ;) You also have a limited amount of emojis (around 50) but you can see most if not all NEW iPhone emojis when people send them to you. Another handy feature is that you get a preview of the last message received on your outer screen: if you're waiting on a quick reply from someone you can see it without having to open the phone. If you are browsing and investigating because you want to get rid of your smartphone and take control of your life, but are on the fence like I was - LOOK NO MORE! This phone has more than what you'd ever dream to have in a flip phone. It has made my transition really easy. It's liberating! Thanks Kyocera for making such an incredible phone!

1 Alerta y Push toTalk requieren una suscripción
2 La capacidad de hotspot Wi-Fi móvil requiere activación y podría incurrir en cargos por uso de datos adicionales.
3 Clasificación de resistencia al agua y al polvo IP68 de hasta 30 minutos en agua de hasta 6.5 pies de profundidad. Resistente a caídas de hasta 1.5 m sobre concreto
4 Certificado para su uso en entornos laborales clasificados como peligrosos, donde las concentraciones de gases, vapores o nieblas inflamables no suelen estar presentes en una concentración explosiva (pero pueden existir realmente).
5 Según la duración promedio de la batería en condiciones de uso normal. Rendimiento promedio esperado con uso típico. La duración real de la batería depende de factores como la red, las funciones seleccionadas, la frecuencia de las llamadas, el uso de datos y otros patrones de uso de aplicaciones. Los resultados pueden variar.
6 Versión sin cámara disponible.