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Exclusivo de Verizon, el Palm revoluciona la manera en que te conectas con el mundo que te rodea. Ultraportátil y equipado con funciones premium, se coloca en lugares donde no puedes poner el smartphone. Sujétalo a tu brazalete para hacer ejercicio. Llevalo en un moderno estuche tipo billetera. O lúcete llevándolo en un elegante bolso de pulsera. El Palm es de tamaño pequeño pero con un gran estilo. Y puedes aprovechar todo el potencial del Palm con Verizon, la red 4G LTE más grande y confiable del país.

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I’m in Love

awniscopes - Hace más de 2 meses

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

A year ago I did a month long unplug challenge where I “dumbed down” my phone on nights and weekends. With Palm, I now just toss my big computer phone and run around with this “dumbed down” beautiful, tiny one, and it feels SO GOOD! By “dumbed down” i mean i still have the essentials (Message+, call, googlemaps, Uber, Evernote, Spotify, ClassPass, Venmo, clock, calendar). I moved all other android standard apps to an offscreen folder I don’t touch (including drive, email, productivity anything), and opted NOT to install social media, other media, other messaging, shopping, banking, yelp, etc. etc.. Feels great to still be accessible while substantially reducing my screen time! I’ve been focused more on reading, being present in my relationships, and making room for creative pursuits.

Great device as desgined

DaveS - Hace 9 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

This is a great device when used within its limits. What many of the "professional" reviewers miss is that it is not intended to replace your full-size phone. If you stream videos on it or use it for games, etc, yes of course you are going to kill the battery. This is a great small phone which I use for biking as it shares a # with my primary phone, unlike the 2nd phone I got for biking which works but no one knows how to reach me on. And it's so small to take out if you just want to take something small. so for me, it's less expensive than a 2nd phone and is smaller and runs all the android apps I want. I have no issues streaming music from it and tracking my ride. Oh, I did install the gboard keyboard which I like better than the one which comes installed (as that one doesn't have swype, which is helpful on this small device). Camera is only ok but will do in a pinch - needs some software improvements).

Great Phone

Mike35 - hace 1 mes

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Great phone. The phone is designed to pull you away from electronics and back into society. I use the phone sparingly and the battery will last me all day. If I end up using it more, I just have a charger with me or a battery pack. It charges back up really fast! For example from almost a 0% it will charge back up to almost 100% or just under within an hour. If you use the phone as it is advertised, it does exactly what its supposed to. Fast, clear calls, and can put it anywhere and not worry about it. Great phone!

Great additional device!

DarthBrad - Hace más de 4 meses

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I am really enjoying this Palm phone. It great for when I dont want to carry my iPhone, but still might need to make a phone call or text. My iPhone can be very distracting for me, so in many situations this is perfect so I can stay in the moment. very, very small and fits in my pocket perfectly. The point of me carrying this is not to use it very much, as so the battery life I get out of it has easily exceeded an entire day with very little use. If you have heavy usage the battery will drain very quickly.

Best Companionship!

Smiley - Hace más de 4 meses

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I've seen a few not so great reviews, but I truly believe people do not understand the Palm device. It is a tiny device about the size of a Ridge wallet. It runs full Android Oreo. You can install apps available in the Play Store. For the best performance, I would only install apps that are needed and not wanted. The Palm is a companion device and should be used as such. With minimal usage, you will see that the battery lasts for quite some time. I've tested "Life Mode" and my battery did not have to be charge until around day 3 maybe 4. If you own a Palm and notice battery dropping quickly, turn off background data syncing as well as disable any app(s) you do not use. The Palm has face recognition which means you can unlock your Palm with your face and it works great. You can take high quality HDR+ photos upload them to Google Photos and then remove from the Palm device. Text messages sync between your main phone and the Palm by using the Messages+ app. I've seen some say that it doesn't sync well or it takes awhile for it to sync. If you do not have "Life Mode" on the messages sync simultaneously and if "Life Mode" is on the messages will not sync until your screen is on. "Life Mode" shuts off calls and text messages while the Palm screen is off. I've also seen complaints about not being able to connect a smartwatch. To me that's like connecting a smartwatch to a smartwatch. A smartwatch is a companion device to your smartphone. Palm is a companion device to your smartphone. Palm is to be used with great responsibility to keep you from being consumed by your main smartphone. This device is great for the minimalist! The Palm is great to take with you while going to grocery store, to take on a run, to have when you are out having fun, etc. Minimal usage equals better verbal communication with family, friends, and co-workers. I honestly think Palm has a great product and I am anxious to see what more they have in store.

This is it. Apple will copy.

Carmine - hace 1 mes

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Coolest phone ever. I use my iPhone as my tablet now. Lol. Make sure you get Palm Phone and NOT number share. The quality is impressive. Can almost guarantee the manufacturer of Apple makes this too. A good way to REALLY reduce time spent on a phone. Do not disturb is simply not enough discipline.

*NumberShare te permite hacer y recibir llamadas usando un número compartido con los dispositivos LTE de Verizon compatibles con NumberShare.* Se aplican términos:
Para experimentar la mejor mensajería, los usuarios de iPhone deben desactivar iMessage en todos los dispositivos Apple e instalar mensajes de VZ en su teléfono.
Clasificación IP68 que soporta el polvo, la suciedad y la arena, además es sumergible a hasta una profundidad máxima de 5 pies de agua por hasta 30 minutos.