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El Apple Watch SE tiene la misma pantalla Retina grande que la del Series 6, para que puedas ver más de un vistazo. Sensores avanzados para registrar todos tus objetivos de entrenamiento. E increíbles funciones para mantenerte sano y seguro. La aplicación Sueño te permite crear una rutina para ir a dormir y hacer un seguimiento de tu sueño. Y como tiene servicio móvil, puedes salir sin tu teléfono. Es mucho más que un reloj y está más a tu alcance. Empareja tu Apple Watch SE con Verizon, la red en la que más gente confía.

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Mel B - hace 1 día

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I wrote a review earlier but forgot to mention some other great things about this watch like how the watch connected well with my phone so now I won’t miss any calls or texts while I’m working! And let’s not forget about the charger that charges the watch fast so it’s ready to go in the morning! Again, fantastic watch if you want something stylish and affordable!


Mel B - Hace 8 horas

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

This is my very first smartwatch and I love it! It was so easy to set up and the options for the screen image that displays the clock is fantastic! So many backgrounds to choose from! The only thing I was hesitant about was the size but I am so glad that the size I did end up getting was perfect! I ordered the 44mm instead of the 40mm. It fits comfortably and is very stylish! If you’re like me and don’t want to spend a lot, this is the watch to buy! I can’t wait to wear it to work and show it off!

Great accessories!!!! Love this watch.

Janna - Hace 3 horas

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I can’t live without this watch. This is my second one. It keeps me connected to my phone and to my accessories, like my steps and my calories. I never miss place my phone anymore because I can locate my phone with my watch. I never miss a call because my phone keeps me connected. It’s keeps me informed with the latest news and alerts me when things happen. I could not live without my Apple Watch!!!! Love it !!!!

Great "non smart phone" option for tweens/teens with Family Share

SwimMom2020 - Hace 13 horas

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

After much research and consideration as to how best to be able to communicate with our "tween age" son when he is away from home (he carpools with others to/from athletic practices out of town 4-5 days a week), we opted for the Apple Watch SE and activated it using Family Share so that there was no need for him to have his own smart phone at this time. Because of his age (and sometimes forgetfulness) we knew it would be best to have some sort of wearable that could stay on his body and not be left laying around somewhere. Also, having the watch set up with its own line via Family Share - I am able to control his contacts, but he is able to text/call the friends/family that I have allowed. I like that there is a "school time" option that can be set with a specific schedule so it turns on/off throughout the day based on the times we have entered - so if he is running at PE and I have that time set correctly - he will have access to workouts so he can track his activity. Should he have a need to reach myself or his father during "school time" he can disable it - BUT, it lets me know anytime "school time" has been disabled (what time and how long). I appreciate that I can use the Find My Phone option to see his location and can set it to send me a notification when he arrives/leaves certain places (ex swim practice after school). I also like that I am able to set him up to use his watch to pay by using Apple Cash. This allows me to give him specific amounts of money that he can use wherever Apple Pay is accepted or that he can send through messages to specific contacts (a friend or friend's parent) if they go somewhere that he needs to pay for food or something, BUT it does not allow him free access to my debit card or bank account (it also doesn't leave me with giving him cash that he may lose). His favorite part is the activity tracker. He likes being able to track his workouts and really likes that the pool workouts are even able to determine what strokes he is swimming. He and his best friend are both athletic and very competitive - this has been fun to watch, as her mom text me to let me know she was running in place while watching a movie one evening this week because he was "beating her" in activity for the day. I really like that this watch is available, affordable and that Family Share allows us to limit where limits are needed (NO SOCIAL MEDIA).

It’s a buy

Pweeetypwincess - Hace 2 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Old one broke and I still want a new one but the same. I can’t compare it with other brands or types cos I haven’t used any but this.

Not What I thought It Was

ABCD - Hace 2 días

1st , The activity app is all off. 2nd and using the workout app is not what I thought it would be. I get better tracking with my Garmin watch and still get the notifications on it. 3rd it seems I cannot change the ringtone on the watch. For all the hype. I am not impressed. After having it for a month I was going to return it , but I am stuck with it now.

1. El Apple Watch Series 6, el Apple Watch SE y el Apple Watch Series 3  tienen una clasificación de resistencia al agua de 50 metros según la norma ISO 22810:2010. Esto significa que pueden usarse para actividades en aguas poco profundas, como nadar en una piscina o en el mar.  Sin embargo, no deben usarse para buceo, esquí acuático u otras actividades que impliquen agua a alta velocidad o inmersión profunda.
2. La notificación de ritmo irregular requiere Apple Watch Series 3 o posterior (no incluye Apple Watch SE) con watchOS 6 o posterior y iPhone 6s o posterior con la última versión de iOS. No fue diseñada para que la usen menores de 22 años ni personas diagnosticadas con fibrilación auricular (FA). Ve los detalles de compatibilidad en
3. Para usar Emergency SOS, tu teléfono debe estar cerca. Si tu iPhone no está cerca, el Apple Watch necesita conectarse a una red Wi-Fi conocida y debes configurar las llamadas Wi-Fi.