Pantalla inteligente HD Amazon Echo Show 10 con movimiento y Alexa




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Ponte en contacto con tus amigos y familiares con la pantalla inteligente HD Echo Show 10 con movimiento y Alexa. Esta práctica pantalla inteligente HD tiene 10.1 pulgadas y está diseñada para seguir tus movimientos. Siempre podrás ver tus videollamadas, recetas y programas. Y gracias al encuadre automático, la cámara de 13 MP puede captar tomas panorámicas y hacer zoom para garantizar que estés al frente y al centro en la pantalla. La cámara tiene un obturador integrado para cubrir la cámara cuando no la estás usando.

Repleta de entretenimiento.
Los altavoces direccionales premium se adaptan al espacio en que te encuentras. Pide a Alexa que reproduzca tus programas, música y podcasts favoritos y disfruta de una experiencia de audio de alta calidad.

Controla tu hogar con tu voz.
No se necesita un hub por separado; configura y controla fácilmente dispositivos del hogar inteligente Zigbee desde tu Echo Show 10. Incluso puedes acceder a la cámara integrada para monitorear en forma remota tu hogar desde la aplicación Alexa u otros dispositivos Echo Show.

Protege tu privacidad.
Desactiva el movimiento en cualquier momento con tu voz, en el dispositivo o a través de la aplicación Alexa. Y, el procesamiento que activa el movimiento en la pantalla ocurre en el dispositivo, por lo que no se enviarán imágenes o videos a la nube.



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Jazmyne - Hace 3 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I absolutely love this Amazon product. It’s super cool and fun to mess around with. It has a bunch of neat little features! For starters, it’s quite a bit bigger than I expected, which is a good thing! It’s perfect size to actually enjoy what you’re doing on it. The screen is large enough to comfortably watch movies, play videos, video chat, etc.. the actually Alexa/speaker is also quite large and sounds great as far as audio goes. It doesn’t sound muffled and actually has pretty good bass to it. I love watching my regular shows on it. I like that screen goes all the way 360 degrees and can follow you if you want. I personally doesn’t use the follow feature because it is slightly off due to the camera being on the right side and not centered. So with that being said, it doesn’t look straight at you when it follows, which is a bit annoying. I tend to turn the camera off - close it with the little close feature. That feature is pretty neat for those not comfortable with it being open/on. Something else that is a bit annoying would be the fact that Alexa can’t answer a lot of things you ask her. She tends to say something about not knowing the answer to it. It would be cool if she could have casual conversation with you. She sort of can as far as good morning, thank you, goodnight and stuff like that goes. There are also other cool features such as the weather, alarms, reminders, display settings, and so on. I like that it can be used with smart plugs and turn on/off lights, cameras, fans, and really anything electrical. You can also use it as a security thing when away so you can see your home (whatever room it’s in). There are definitely a few flaws and things that can be improved, but overall I really enjoy using it. I looks very nice and super fun to use. My mom calls it “boujee” - HA!

Love this!

Sjp7 - Hace 6 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The echo show 10 is an awesome addition to our kitchen. We use it as much as any of our countertop appliances and it’s definitely better looking than all of them. Alexa is definitely the most advanced virtual assistant in terms of understanding requests and her number of skills. We use her to tell us the weather, the news, and to look for how to videos all the time. The kids love asking her random questions as well. The screen on the device is gorgeous—both streaming videos and video calls look sharp, bright, and have great color. The show 10’s coolest trick though is it’s ability to follow you as you move around. The motion is not a gimmick, it lets you participate in calls or even watch videos without needing stand in one place. In the kitchen, it means I can keep cooking or whatever else and the Echo show is always facing me. Overall, a powerful, good-looking device that provides a platform to integrate Alexa in your day to day activities.

So cool!

Gellibene - Hace 6 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I love the feature of the rotating screen. I haven’t had any issues with it not following me. The screen is huge and easy to read or see photos. The speaker on it is amazing. It hears me well even with some background noise. I love that we can see our security camera as well. It’s kept the little ones in my house occupied as well. I love it!

Love My Echo Show 10

Nesmom90 - Hace 6 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This echo is amazing. Setup was simple and straightforward. Picture and sound quality are superb. Really great upgrade from the previous models. I love that this Echo has a swivel feature. It rotates anytime I move so I'm always in frame when I am video chatting. The screen is perfect for watching movies, chatting with family members, listening to music, checking amazon orders, geting weather updates etc. This device is a must have. I have no complaints.

So cool!

jgross0341 - Hace 8 días

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This little gadget is really impressive. We’ve never owned a “smart” device like this (apart from smart phones of course) and we’re thoroughly impressed. Honestly I had never even heard of the Echo Show before this so was not quite knowing what to expect from it. I have to say it’s really cool! First, it is HEAVY! The base where the speaker is and where the screen attaches to is the heaviest part which makes it sturdy. The speakers are really nice quality and from music, to watching tv, to video chatting is great quality and clear sounds. I really like the multiple ways to help product privacy- it comes with a camera shield and microphone muting button so it helps with that feeling of being “watched”. There’s so many things you can have this device do, including using it as a home security system. We actually want to buy more for different areas of our house! We truly have no complaints, this Echo Show is a really great product.

Love my Echo Show 10!

crly2007 - Hace 9 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Amazon Echo Show 10 has a great display screen that will follow you around the room. I I have mine in our dining room / kitchen area. I like having the screen play my amazon photos. The only thing that I do not like is the ads that pop up all the time I wish there was a way to stop those. I ask Alexa the weather often. It is very handy to add things to my shopping list. Looking up recipes is nice. It will have you choose which one you want. I listen to music while cleaning and cooking. The speaker sound is great. It even has the words in karaoke on the screen. I will have Alexa tell me the news. You can make video calls. Even group calls.The screen tilts manually. You can view and talk from the app to your echo show. That is handy when I want to check on my dogs and am not home. I want to get a ring camera so I can view that on my Echo Show. There is so much more that I am still learning. I really love having this. It makes my life easier.