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Colocar la batería MagSafe es muy fácil. Su diseño compacto e intuitivo facilita la carga, estés donde estés. Y sus imanes perfectamente alienados la mantienen conectada al iPhone 12 o iPhone 12 Pro, para brindar una carga inalámbrica segura y confiable.

La batería MagSafe puede cargar aún más rápido cuando se conecta con un cargador de 27 W o superior, como los que se envían con la MacBook. Y cuando necesitas un cargador inalámbrico, simplemente enchufa un cable Lightning para obtener hasta 15 W de carga inalámbrica.

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Battery extender, not power bank

- Hace 22 horas

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Think of this like the iPhone cases with the battery in them. They extend your battery and at a nice pace. Don’t expect it to be like a portable power bank, it behaves differently and really helps prolong battery life through the day. Apple branded means it doesn’t overheat or mess up your iPhone battery, and displays charging info on your screen. It’s nice to charge them both while connected nightly and have fresh power in the am. Nifty gadget, kinda pricey, but pretty great. Understand what it is and you’ll probably really like it.

Easy to use

Bigneezy74 - Hace 2 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

This is not a power bank. It’s a second battery. Charged it attached it to my wife’s phone and now it’s like she has two batteries on her phone. She got lots of power on her cell phone and she happy. Isn’t that all that matters anyway? I guess once you understand what it’s for it’s actually a pretty nifty product. Pricey, but nifty!

Great Battery pack!

Lulovestech - Hace 2 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I bought this Apple MagSafe Battery Pack two weeks ago. The secret to actually get the full power benefits is by not using your phone while the battery pack is charging. I noticed it charged my phone faster by leaving it alone. Overall great size and MagSafe magnets connects and holds both devices beautifully while attached. In Addiction you can check the power percentage the battery pack via the battery widget on the screen.

Amazing Life Saver Accessory

Walter The AMAZING - Hace 2 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I strongly recommend this product. The battery life is perfect in my iPhone 12 mini but sometimes I just need a little extra and this works perfect. ThankU Apple+Verizon!!

Spyder1214 - Hace 2 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

No more cable

BeBetter55 - Hace 2 días

I bought this when I bought my new iPhone. I really lined thr idea of a magnetic charger and NO cable. The only downside was when I put a case in my phone, it wasn’t quite as magnetic.But it charges fast and it’s super convenient.