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Canary es un completo sistema de seguridad residencial en un solo dispositivo, un enfoque moderno en cuanto a seguridad que te permite proteger a las personas y los lugares que más quieres. Está diseñado para aprender y se adapta a tu casa con el tiempo. Si detecta algo fuera de lo común en tu casa o departamento, Canary envía notificaciones inteligentes con video y audio HD directamente a tu smartphone.


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Love it! This is the security system you were looking for

BenC43 - hace 1 año

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

This is the perfect home security device. It's cheaper than competitors, better designed, and more enjoyable to use. I'm 25, live in NYC, and wasn't sure if I 'needed' a home security device, but now that I have canary I have a lot more peace of mind - totally worth it. App I can easily see what's going on in my apartment or adjust the live video settings right from my phone which is convenient. Also, when I've reached out to support they've been very helpful and quick to reply. Design I was looking for a security system that didn't look like one - it might be protecting my home, but that doesn't mean I want to be thinking about it all the time because I can't stop noticing an ugly appearance. Canary passed the test and then some - it's design is sexy but low-key and the device blends in with the rest of my things (I got the black one). Functionality The 1080p HD camera records with a really wide-angle lens so I'm able to record my entire living room without any difficulty. The night vision setting works well, and I'm also able to gauge air quality, temperature, and humidity. An unexpected benefit is that canary knows when I've arrived and left home and records that info in a timeline accessible from the app - cool to see what my routine looks like throughout the week. Usability Set up was super easy and literally done within a few minutes. From the unboxing to installation you can tell that the team over there put a lot of thought into the experience - very Apple-esque. Overall, happy canary user and impressed.

A lifesaver!

JMCecelia - hace 1 mes

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I purchased this product to monitor the care my severely disabled, non-verbal adult child was receiving while I was away or at work. I have been able to observe 3 incidents of inappropriate and/or threatening treatment, which resulted in the immediate firing of (governmentally) vetted caregivers. Using Canary has provided a tremendous service to our family. The ease of setup and use was especially helpful-I am not tech savvy. Customer service also fantastic. Cannot say enough good things about this product!

This product is fantastic! Love keeping an eye on my apartment!

Smiles24 - Hace 9 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

The canary is a wonderful product, as there is never a price tag for the feeling of security. Not only is the integration seamless with my smart phone, but the notifications every time there is activity, keep me alert on my home, possessions, loved ones, and more. I feel comfortable leaving my home whenever I need to now, knowing I always have an eye on my apartment. Canary gave me a sense of comfort and security that I did not have before. Worth the money and a great, fun technology!

Great Product!!!

007daimler - Hace más de 2 años

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Great Product, wish you could speak to the home thru the app. But the motion sensor is great and it arms it self based on location. night vision and siren is cool too. Looks more like a modem than a camera. Awesome purchase!!!!

Elegant groundbreaking home security device

MortInMS - Hace 20 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I recently got my Canary as a gift, and though I haven't had a lot of time to put it thru the steps, it has already blended perfectly into growing family of electronics. Unboxing: Canary comes in an elegant box, hinting at the sweetness of the hardware encased within. I must admit though, that you should be careful with opening the box, as both times I did (when I first received it to check on the contents within, and then the second time when I was actually ready to set it up#, the Canary flew out like its namesake, and I had to grab it to ensure it didn't smash on the ground. Once in my hand though, it feels like a solid piece of hardware, but beautifully designed to easily allow it to be placed front and center without taking away from the overall home décor, which might be of importance to some. Also, since it is unobtrusive, it is easy for a burglar to overlook it as a possible security system allowing it to do its job even better. Setup: Setup is done thru the mobile app available on Android and iOS. Unfortunately no Windows Phone support as yet which is my primary phone so had to set it up on my wife's phone. Could not be an easier task to perform though. Takes you thru it step-by-step with no hiccups at all which is extremely unusual. Gives you option of WiFi and ethernet connections. Went with ethernet myself as my placement was within a couple of feet of my router. Was up and running within 5 minutes. Use: The app is extremely straightforward in its options and usage. Main screen gives you an immediate option of viewing a live feed, or you can swipe up to see a list of recordings. Main screen also gives you ability to quickly change modes from Armed, Disarmed and Privacy modes. The quality of the video is outstanding. It has a 147° wide angle lens which records in 1080p HD, with unparalleled night vision. I made the mistake of getting up in the middle of the night and walking past the Canary in my boxers, and the wife got a kick out of watching that clip. Now I feel the need to work out. Thanks Canary. Needless to say, motion detection works perfectly, though is a little sensitive at first. Good news is that it learns over time, especially with cues that can be provided. Sound quality is another plus. The Canary learns from you with regards to its current active mode. Uses geofencing #though it can be disabled if desired# to determine whether to automatically switch arming status. Allows you to add additional users to your device so that will free you from needing to manually allow others in. When it does sense an event, it immediately sends you a notification with option to view a clip of the triggering event, watch a live feed, and trigger the alarm and call the authorities if needed. It stores a number of feeds for a period of time depending on your service plan. Extras: Canary also includes additional sensor features including ambient temperature, humidity and air quality levels. Sensor readings are spot on when compared to independent sensors. Air quality sensor is really sensitive as I learnt when I noticed it picking up an abnormal spike the other day. When I looked at the timing, I figured out that it was at dinner time when the wife brought out some Indian cooking from the kitchen! Shortcomings: Though few, there are some. - My personal biggest one is no current support for Windows Phone. Hopefully this changes in the near future, as it is restricting my ability to fully enjoy this device, especially with no current web portal either. - No backup internal power supply. If power supply is interrupted, the system is no longer functional. Would be nice to receive a notification at least alerting so. - No current compatibility with other third party smart home devices. - No notification triggers with drastic changes in ambient temperature and air quality. Since there is no current third party device support #e.g. smoke/CO detectors), it would be nice if the Canary could try and utilize its built-in sensors to clue you in to a fire or CO leak. Overall: Excellent piece of highly innovative hardware with great potential for even more improvement in functionality. Great value for the price. Will post further thoughts and updates with longer usage.

Conpact and Reliable Canary

lovemon - Hace 5 horas

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

The top three features of the Canary Home Security System to me, would be that... 1. The canary is a simple, smart accessory that learns my habits and is able to communicate with me effectively and conveniently giving me access to home when I am away. 2. The canary provides a lot of information for me, and that makes me feel confident and safe, having that peace of mind. 3. The camera has a wide-angle lens that gives me more to viewing area for better coverage,