Carcasa Gear4 Hackney 5G para el iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro



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La carcasa Hackney 5G para el iPhone 12 iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro está equipada con material D3O para mayor protección contra los impactos, los rayones y el polvo. Compatible con carga inalámbrica, esta carcasa elegante viene con un acabado brillante o mate. Y el diseño ecológico está hecho con plástico reciclado.

Mejorada con D3O
Usa tus AirPods con confianza gracias a la protección contra caídas de hasta 10 pies.¹ D3O es la misma tecnología utilizada por los militares y los atletas profesionales y es el componente principal en la protección de la carcasa Hackney 5G. D3O ofrece la protección más delgada y más avanzada contra los golpes y caídas.

Tratamiento antimicrobiano.
RepelFlex es un agente antimicrobiano con propiedades integradas para proteger tu carcasa al inhibir el crecimiento de las bacterias que causan olor y proteger de la degradación de los microorganismos.²

¹Según pruebas independientes.
²RepelFlex es una marca comercial de NBD Nanotechnologies, Inc.



8 reseñas

Love this, sturdy clean and doesn't get in the way

Candace F. - Hace más de 7 meses

The rubber grip around the outside is helpful and not bulky. I love this case. I feel safe with it on. I drop phones a lot. I highly recommend especially if you want to actually see the phone you bought.

Thumbs up

Erika C. - Hace más de 7 meses

Amazing product, simple and perfect fit for my new iPhone

Still got it!

Benjamin R. - Hace más de 7 meses

I’ve used this style case for around 4 years now , usually using the Piccadilly and I’ve really put them to the test by dropping my phone from all heights with no damage to the phone. This hackney really suits the iPhone 12 pro and still protects as good as it should.

Hackney case

Charles C. - Hace más de 7 meses

Nicely made and being see thru is great s I can finally see the color of my phone

Nice tactile sides and a clean look

Jon H. - Hace más de 7 meses

Really like the look and feel of my phone within the case. I think the design actually helps how my iPhone 12 feels in my hand as well as stopping me worrying so much about dropping it! The back might be a little bit too thick to make use of the mag-safe feature of the 12 for some accessories - the magnetic pull is weakened by the distance introduced by the clear back piece, but is still enough for what I need. On the whole, I love it and am confident that it will protect my phone despite being incredibly thin, given the performance of my last case made of the same material. Nice work!

Case has cosmetic defect

Melinda A. - Hace más de 5 meses

I like this case. It looks like it will give good protection and it is easy to get on (and off, if it would be needed). My only gripe with it is that it has a noticeable defect at the top front of the case. Since I had just gotten a new phone and didn't want to tempt fate further in 2020, I decided to keep it rather than return it. Obviously, this was my decision. Still, getting a brand-new product with a very noticeable defect bothers me and I will probably ultimately replace it.

- Hace más de 6 meses

Hi Melinda. We will warrant your Gear4 case against wear and damage during the lifetime of your current device. We're sorry for your experience here, but we're happy to help make it right. Give us a call at 800-700-9244 or reach out to our [Customer Support Team]( Thanks!