iRobot Paquete de 7 almohadillas para barrido en seco para la trapeadora robot Braava jet m6

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Mantén tus pisos limpios con el paquete de 7 almohadillas para barrido en seco para la trapeadora robot Braava jet m6. Estas almohadillas de limpieza usan fuerza electrostática para capturar la suciedad, el polvo y el pelo de las mascotas. Simplemente coloca la almohadilla a la aspiradora robot y seleccionará automáticamente el método de limpieza correcto. Solo tienes que colocar la almohadilla de limpieza y seleccionar CLEAN (LIMPIAR). Solo compatible con las trapeadoras robot Braava jet de la serie m


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All pads only dry sweeping

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Tay · 12 months ago

I've tried ever pad and they all only dry sweeps. I haven't been able to use my braava at all been two months! I need help please

IRobotPWR - 9 months ago

Hello there, this isn't the experience we'd like you to have, and we'd love the opportunity to turn it around. We have just contacted you via e-mail in order to resolve the issue.

I don't understand the poor design!!

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Rachel · 1 year ago

You can see in the product image that these pads have three rows on them. It appears on this page that they're all made of the same microfiber material, but that is NOT the case with the pads I received. Instead, one of the rows is made of a shiny plastic that does absolutely NOTHING. It's plastic ... dust/debris/pet hair can't stick to it. So essentially only 2/3 of the pad is actually doing something. Why the heck were they made like this?!

IRobotPWR - 9 months ago

Hello Rachel! Thank for you taking the time to review our products! We can understand the expectations of performance you have for the Dry Sweeping Pads. The Dry Pad design creates electrostatic force to capture dirt, dust, and pet hair. We encourage you to reach out to our support team directly if you are seeing a reduction in performance. Our team can be reached at 1-877-855-8593. Thank you! -Sincerely, iRobot Customer Care