Audífonos inalámbricos Jabra Elite 65t




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Lleva tu música al siguiente nivel y disfruta de la mejor calidad en tus llamadas con los audífonos inalámbricos Jabra Elite 65t. Con una batería de hasta 5 horas de duración* y un estuche de carga fácil de llevar, estos audífonos son los compañeros ideales para tu rutina diaria.

Llamadas y voz de calidad superior.
Ten conversaciones más claras con estos audífonos que tienen 4 micrófonos con reducción avanzada del ruido provocado por el viento. Ajusta tus altavoces de 6 mm cuando quieras bloquear o permitir el sonido ambiental.

Tu música, personalizada.
Ten más control sobre tu música con un ecualizador personalizable en la aplicación Jabra Sound+.

Haz tu rutina diaria con estos audífonos que tienen una batería de hasta 5 horas de duración con una sola carga.* Y si necesitas un poco más de carga cuando estás fuera, el estuche de carga incluido cabe fácilmente en tu bolsillo y ofrece hasta 10 horas adicionales de duración.*

Auténtica conectividad móvil.
Disfruta de menos interrupciones de sonido cuando respondes llamadas o escuchas música. Los audífonos inalámbricos Jabra Elite 65t no tienen cables molestos para que puedas moverte libremente sin enredarte.

Sólido diseño.
Con clasificación IP55‡ y una garantía por 2 años contra daños ocasionados por agua y polvo, con los audífonos Jabra Elite 65t tienes una acceso fácil y confiable a tus llamadas y tu música.

Control con la voz.
Empareja tus audífonos con tu smartphone por Bluetooth® 5.0 y accede al Asistente de Google, Alexa† o Siri® con un solo toque. Programa citas, encuentra restaurantes o escucha tus mensajes, solo con el sonido de tu voz.

*La duración real de la batería varía según el uso, las configuraciones y las condiciones ambientales.
†Depende del sistema operativo.
‡Clasificación IP55.


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Jabra earbuds

Clare - Hace 24 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I bought these on line I’m not real computer savy so I took them to the local Verizon store for help setting them up. I have a 12 so my phone wasn’t the issue. Once they were up and running Omg I love them. I read all the time but now also listen to books on line and other stuff really like them don’t know how I lived without them.

Another high quality product from Jabra!

smuennix - hace 1 mes

Some of my favorite features of the Jabra Elite 65t are the ease of use - you literally just remove them from the case to turn them on and just put them in the case to turn them off (the case doubles as a charging station). I also like that when you remove one earbud out of your ear, it pauses whatever music you are playing which is great when working out, in the yard, etc versus having to fiddle with pausing my music app. The Jabra Elite 65t tightly seal in your ear which is better for me because I can actually play my music at a lesser volume because it is not competing with other noise. We currently don't have Alexa in our house but I know it will be something we purchase in the near future and I am excited about that because the Jabra Elite 65t Wireless Earbuds give you One-touch access to Alexa**, Siri and Google Now!!

Amazing performance and features

aliskov - hace 1 año

This replaced a neckband that I used for phone calls + listening in the car and a bulky noise-cancelling headset. All in a tiny and super-intelligent package. Battery life is great. Pairs seamlessly with both my phone and laptop.

Great wireless earbuds

topperb - Hace 11 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I have used quite a few wired and wireless headphones and earbuds over the years (as a Verizon employee), and have really been enjoying the Jabra Elite. They fit very well in my ears, and while not the smallest on the market, don't stick out overly far so you can wear them without them being noticed too much. I use them for both music and phone calls. Frequently I'll be on multiple conference calls during the day, and they maintain strong battery life and more important, don't become uncomfortable with hours of use. The case charges them as well as keeps them safe, which is an awesome feature. Audio quality is good - I haven't received any complaints from other callers as to my clarity or volume. I will say that the audio is perhaps a bit too high - at the lowest setting, it's often too loud when listening to music, causing me to have to remove them slightly in order to listen at a comfortable volume (and thus impacting the fit). One issue is with the Bluetooth range - I find that I start to lose the signal at about 15-20 feet from my phone. I was hoping for a larger range. Despite that, I really like these earbuds and would definitely recommend them.

Best wireless headset ever

CJC69 - Hace más de 6 meses

This headset is the best that I’ve used by far. They’re not only great for causal wear, but also for exercise and business calls. The sound is always crisp and clear, without any break ups. Last but not least, they’re extremely affordable! I’d recommend to anyone!

Fabulous Product!

Kimberly - Hace más de 2 meses

I've had the Jabra Elite earbuds for a week and I'm in love with them. The set up is so simple that I started using them right after I opened them. I have a vigorous workout on a daily basis and these earbuds are my new best friend! Superb quality of sound and no extra noise when I'm using them when on the phone and a great snug fit. I couldn't be a happier customer and we'll soon have another happy customer in our house because my hubby is getting these for Father's Day! He loves mine, so it's a PERFECT gift for him!