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Sumérgete en tus canciones favoritas con los audífonos inalámbricos Live 660NC. Estos cómodos audífonos tienen una banda de tela y almohadillas suaves para estés cómodo durante mucho tiempo. Los controladores de 40 mm ofrecen el sonido característico de JBL para que tengas una experiencia auditiva intensa y agradable. Google Fast Pair te permite conectarte rápidamente a tu dispositivo Android favorito, mientras que con una conexión multipunto puedes cambiar entre dispositivos rápidamente. Administra las llamadas estéreo manos libres con los controles externos o con la ayuda de tu asistente de voz. Con reproducción y pausa automáticas, la música se enciende cuando te pones los audífonos y se apaga cuando te los quitas. Y el estuche suave incluido protege los audífonos mientras viajas.

Cancelación de ruidos adaptativa.
Olvídate del ruido que te rodea y concéntrate en la música. La cancelación de ruido adaptativa bloquea el ruido de fondo para lograr una experiencia inmersiva, mientras que Ambient Aware y TalkThru te ayudan a estar más atento de tu entorno.

Batería de larga duración
No te detengas con una batería de hasta 50 horas de duración.¹ Y, si te quedas sin batería, una carga rápida de 10 minutos proporciona hasta 4 horas más de funcionamiento.¹

Ve más allá con la aplicación.
La aplicación gratuita My JBL Headphones te ayuda a personalizar tus audífonos fácilmente. Cambia los juegos de ecualización, selecciona tu asistente de voz preferido, establece la configuración de Smart Ambient y mucho más.

¹La duración de la batería y los ciclos de carga varían según el uso, las configuraciones y otros factores; los resultados reales variarán.

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de los críticos recomiendan este producto.

Great Sound you can fine tune on the app.

Flash78 - hace 1 mes

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Bought these for my daugter as a graduation gift and she loves how she can fine tune the sound on the app.

Great sound great quality

hagaynor - Hace más de 2 meses

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] These are great quality and have great sound. I love how well the noise canceling works. I took these with on our road trip and it helped me keep my anxiety under control for the whole six hour drive.

Great sound easy to use

Beaglemommy - Hace más de 2 meses

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Two weeks of use and I love these headphones. I am technologically challenged yet these are easy to use with Google and I know I have not yet learned all of the features. The sound quality is great (I have a surround sound system and high expectations), noise canceling effective enough to not hear beagle barking and I love features like how my movie will pause when I pull off the headphones. My only complaint is that the buttons on the headphones are so small and feel the same so my old fat fingers are not working well with them, removed a star in rating. But, it did lead me to use automated features so that is good. These headphones would make a great gift, especially for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Love the blue color, we bleed blue in KY.

Nice headphones.

Kalicat - Hace 2 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] First off I want to say these headphones are very comfy. They are adjustable and fit nicely over my ears. I do have smaller ears, so for me I think it’s a great fit. The headphones themselves are aesthetically pleasing. I like the simple and sleek design. The right side has your power button, volume adjustment, noise cancelling button adjustment and the jack for the cord if that’s your preference. I really like that JBL added that feature, so you can choose between that or using Bluetooth. The left side has the port for charging the headphones. Both sides swivel which is cool too. Now as far as sound goes I’ve tried all genres from rock to hip hop, dance and different types of electronic. The sound is great, but when you are listening to a song with deep bass I noticed you need to have the headphones on perfectly, otherwise you get some reverb. In my case, the left ear piece seemed to have the reverb. (Mind you, this only happened with the music turned all the way up.) After playing around with the headphones and listening to other songs I realized If they are off slightly from your head the reverb can happen. Once I realized this I didn’t have any issues. These headphones really do sound good. I honestly can turn up the volume on most songs. As far as the noise cancelling feature they really do block out sounds very well. I used these while walking around the house, brushing my teeth with my electric toothbrush and lots of other background noises. I couldn’t hear a thing. These headphones have three features for noise cancellation. You can choose how much you want to block out, which I think that’s an awesome feature. These headphones also come with Google assistant and Alexa built-in. Unfortunately, I don’t use either of those so I can’t review that aspect. I do have an iPhone, so Siri can be activated too. Overall these are really nice headphones. I would definitely recommend them if the features described are something you’re looking for. One thing that’s really cool is when you’re listening to music and take them off they pause the music. Then when you put them back on they resume. I love that! You can also adjust this feature. JBL never disappoints with sound quality. They really out did themselves with these. Style and comfort are a 10/10. Sound and performance I would also give a 10/10. I love these headphones.

Solid sound and battery life for the price.

The Matt Kane - Hace más de 2 meses

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Bought this device and for the last week have been amazed with the sound quality produced by the 660NC. This device holds up well in terms of noise cancelation. Walking outside or around the house able to block out most noises. Solid battery life and fits comfortably on my head.

Amazing noise cancellation!

Pina - Hace más de 2 meses

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received this headset about 2 weeks ago and I have been using since then. I got the one in blue color and it looks so cool. Connecting with bluetooth on my iPhone and Macbook was super easy. It's comfortable on my ears, I have small ears so it kinda covers the whole ear. The headset height is adjustable to your liking. It came with a bag to store, and the headset itself folds so it can be stored compactly. The sound quality for music is great with considerable bass and surround sound! Although, when you are in noise cancellation mode, the bass might seem low. But if you are in for noise cancellation, it is amazing! Completely blocks the noise around you and you can also chose the ambient mode if you want to partially block the noise. I keep moving in the house while listening to music and the bluetooth connection stays completely stable across multiple walls. To turn on and off the headset, you need to slide the power button which is somewhat difficult to do when you are wearing the headset. Moreover, many functional buttons are placed close to each other on one side of the headset which makes it difficult to identify a button and you tend to easily press the wrong ones. Given the minor usability concerns, overall it's a useful and satisfactory headset!