Auricular externo inalámbrico para jugar con cancelación de ruido JBL  Quantum 800



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Lleva tu audio para juegos al próximo nivel con el auricular externo alámbrico para jugar Quantum 800. La banda ventilada y liviana para la cabeza con almohadillas de espuma viscoelástica es cómoda para usar por horas mientras compites en los juegos. JBL QuantumSOUND Signature ofrece una experiencia de audio envolvente, desde los pasos más suaves hasta las explosiones más fuertes.

Sumérgete completamente.
La cancelación activa de ruidos está diseñada para entornos de juegos. Mantén tu atención en los juegos sin ningún sonido de fondo no deseado.

Mantente al tanto.
La configuración inalámbrica significa que puedes ir a buscar un refrigerio o una bebida mientras te mantienes en contacto con tus compañeros de equipo. Y con hasta 14 horas de batería, puedes obtener horas de juegos sin preocuparte por cargar tus audífonos.

Sonido envolvente de alta calidad.
El JBL QuantumSURROUND™ te pone en el medio de toda la acción. Combinado con audífono DTS: X v2.0, crea sonido envolvente personalizado para aprovechar al máximo cada sesión de juego.

Alienta a las tropas.
El micrófono centrado en la voz tiene cancelación de eco, para que cada comando se escuche con claridad. También tiene función de silencio de 2 vías.

Mantente en contacto.
Este auricular tiene certificación DISCORD y es compatible con TeamSpeak, Skype y otros servicios. Y la función Game-Chat Balance Dial integrado te asegura escuchar siempre al resto de tu equipo más allá del sonido del juego.

Diseñado para tus plataformas favoritas.
Ten sonido de alta calidad, sin importar dónde juegues. Este auricular para juegos es compatible con juegos para PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Mac y VR.

Software fácil de usar.
El software QuantumENGINE PC incluido te permite personalizar tu auricular. Especializa las configuraciones del sonido envolvente, crea perfiles de usuario separados y ajusta el ecualizador, todo desde este software fácil de usar.

La duración de la batería y los ciclos de carga varían según el uso, las configuraciones y otros factores; los resultados reales variarán.

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Stellar headphones

Alexander - Hace 15 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

The product is absolutely worth the price. Better than any gaming headphones and I believe far superior then even Bose headphones. The quantum surround sound makes you actually believe that someone is right behind you. You need these headphones.

Too good to give up

Eveenala - Hace más de 8 meses

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Honestly, accidentally stole these from my dad after he purchased them for himself and wanted me to test them out and learn how to use the controls to teach him... he ended up needing to get himself another pair. I have no shame. Take my review with a grain of salt. I'm very picky with actual headphones for listening to music, but this is my first headset. Anyway, great headphones. The USB dongle is the best way to use them just because it'll force my Lenovo laptop to default all open apps to the 800 Game while bluetooth I'll have to restart everything (this is more a laptop issue). The sidetone feature is actually really helpful as well. The passive noise cancelling on the headphones is really good, but I like being able to hear myself speak and it prevents that awkward "hold on, let me take off my whole headset so I can hear you speak" moment. Invaluable. You HAVE to use the app to use and customize this setting, though. And I don't know how or why anyone is having issues with the dongle connecting to another source. I've used it on my laptop, at work, and on my boyfriends PS4 and never had an issue. I do have issues with the bluetooth going to sleep on my at random times while on my laptop. Completely fine on my phone, though. Haven't figured out how to deal with that yet. The fact that it's discord certified is actually really nice as well. Being able to adjust between voice chat and my game is helpful when they start getting rowdier or the game gets somber. BUT I have the same issue as most people where it's really easy to change these settings and you can do it unintentionally. But if it's between not needing to readjust or not being able to fine-tune the settings... I'll just readjust. I have nothing but good things to say about the sound. For casual listeners, you won't notice any issues. For people who need good sound quality, these headphones won't disappoint. Sound is clear and you won't deal with any compression or white noise issues for games and background music. They're not for actual hi-fi music, but good for any streaming (Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify, game soundtracks) they'll keep up. I've also gotten SO MANY compliments on the mic's clarity and everyone knows when I'm using any other headphones for chat. It's good at filtering noise and only catching my voice when I'm in the office with my boyfriend. Admittedly, I need to take better care of these headphones. I leave them at awkward angles, I transport them in a backpack with my laptop, they've been knocked off the desk, and yet they're still good.

Absolutely Insane

JayGee - Hace más de 11 meses

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I bought these just to break away from the normal gaming headset... I am beyond impressed with the performance. The audio quality is life-changing, the mic quality is perfect, the comfort level is better than anything I've ever tested and the software is easy to use and does everything I could ask without compromise (looks great too). Very impressed. JBL has earned my loyalty. JBL you really need to market these more. Seriously.

Awesome sound and features!

Happyjeff - hace 1 año

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] These headphones are really great for me - I am not a heavy gamer so I enjoy them for multiple uses including video conferencing, watching TV shows and listening to music. The best feature for me is the flexibility to use them wired or wireless. Like my other JBL products (JBL SoundLink 10, 20 and 300, LinkView and LinkBar) the sound quality is excellent.


thatyounglife - Hace más de 8 meses

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I love this gaming headset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Solid Sound with Lots of Connectivity Options

RC90 - hace 1 año

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Top Features: 1) Connectivity Options - Bluetooth, and dongles, and aux jacks oh my! By far the coolest thing about these headphones is the range of connectivity options and how easy it is to set up them up and switch between them. I was even able to connect the USB 2.4GHz to my television to binge Netflix at night without disturbing the roommates. 2) Comfort - The 800s are super comfortable thanks to some of the softest foam I've ever felt lining the earcups and headband. Despite being relatively heavy for headphones, I've been able to wear these for long stretches without any discomfort. 3) Sound Details - Sound quality in general is great as always with JBL, but I've been particularly impressed with how clear and nuanced the sounds are in a video game context. I feel like video games are often packed with smaller sound details that are easy to miss, but the Quantum 800s really make those details stand out. Biggest Bummers: 1) PC Only for Customizations - My personal computer is a Mac so I don't have any way of accessing the customization features from QuantumEngine. This is a huge bummer as there are definitely times when I really wish I could turn off the lights. Would have been nice if at least some features could be accessed/updated via an app on my phone. 2) Weight / Bulk - relative to other wireless over-ear headphones that I've owned in the past, the Quantum 800s are definitely on the heavier side. They're also pretty bulky and don't really fold or collapse in any way that would make them a good choice for portable headphones. Like I mentioned before, they're super comfortable so the weight isn't really a negative in that regard, just something to keep in mind if you plan on hauling these around with you. Overall very happy with these headphones and would definitely recommend to any PC owners looking for solid sound quality with lots of connectivity options.