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Charge multiple devices easily with the Power Center Vertex Surge Protector. This compact, low-profile hub can power up to 9 devices simultaneously. The integrated cord management system allows for a neat, organized look. The surge protector provides up to 3000 Joules of protection for your electronics. It's great for most entertainment centers and home offices. And, the easy-to-use the on/off power switch and LED indicators help ensure your Grounded and Protected status.

Extend access to your outlets.
Reach out up to 10 inches from your home outlets. The surge protector features 6 AC outlets and 3 USB outlets for enhanced connectivity and charging.

Detachable hub.
2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C port rest on a detachable hub with a nylon braided cord and flat, right-angle wall plug for easy use.

Magnetic mount.
The included magnetic mount for the USB hub allows for convenient placement on most surfaces, for easy device charging.



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WAKA . 2 días hace

Gráfico con marca de verificaciónSí, recomendaría este producto.
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The power strip has been an absolute game-changer for me. Not only does it offer top-notch surge protection, but its detachable USB power strip is a true convenience. With multiple outlets and USB ports, I can effortlessly charge my devices without the hassle of searching for adapters or cluttering my desk. The sleek design blends seamlessly with my workspace, and the long power cord provides ample flexibility. The power strip's durability is impressive, ensuring it will last for years to come. Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with the power strip's performance and functionality. It's a must-have for anyone seeking a reliable and efficient solution to power their devices while keeping them safe.

Lifeworks Technology Group Publicado originalmente el Lifeworks Technology Group


Colonel . 3 días hace

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Like many other people, I have a substantial investment in high quality, expensive electronic equipment, including TVs, Home Theaters, Computers, etc. I know that it is a necessity to protect electronic devices against powerline related damage, such as transient voltage surges and spikes that can damage or destroy them. I have had numerous Monster brand products through the years, including many Monster surge suppressors. I selected the new Monster Vertex Surge Protector based on Monster’s reputation and my prior experience with Monster products, even though the important specifications for the Vertex were not available. Now that I have received the Monster Vertex, I found some specifications on the label attached to the bottom of the surge protector. The electrical specifications for the Monster Vertex are listed, or not listed on the product label, as follows: • Surge Energy Joule Rating: 3000 • Response Time: Not Listed • Max Spike Current (Amps | Volts): Not Listed • VPR (Voltage Protection Rating) / Clamping Voltage / Let Through Voltage: 1000 Volts L-N, L-G, N-G. When selecting a Surge Protective Device (SPD) (formerly known as Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS)) as regulated by UL Standard 1449), there are a few specifications which differentiate SPDs, as follows: 1. Joules – The Higher the Joules rating, the better. 2. Maximum Spike Current – The Higher the number, the better. 3. Response Time – The Lower the number, the better. 4. VPR / Clamping Voltage / Let Through Voltage – The Lower the number, the better (probably the most important number). 5. Filtration Rating – The Higher the number, the better. The Monster Vertex specifications are not terribly impressive. The Joules rating essentially represents the cumulative energy absorption capacity of the SPD. The higher the number equates to the more hits from power spikes and surges that the SPD will endure before failing. A rating of 3000 Joules is not horrible, but for comparison, the SPD that currently protects my main TV and Home Theater System is rated at 7114 Joules. I also have some even less expensive SPDs which are rated at 6490 Joules and “cheap” SPDs rated at 4320 Joules. The Maximum Spike Current rating is not listed, and that data is important. The Response Time is also not listed. Most decent SPDs are rated at Under 1 nanosecond. How fast the SPD reacts to a voltage spike or surge is critically important in ensuring that the overvoltage is shunted to ground as rapidly as possible. The Voltage Protection Rating (VPR) or Suppressed Voltage Rating (SVR), which may also be referred to as the Clamping Voltage or Let Through Voltage, indicates the voltage level which will trigger the SPD to react and shunt away the excess voltage to ground, and it is of critical importance when selecting an SPD. Clamping voltage is expressed as one of three values based on UL1449; 330 V, 400 V or 500 V, with the actual test result voltage being rounded up to the next tier value. The Clamping Voltage / Voltage Protection Rating is perhaps the most important specification for an SPD. It relates how much excess voltage will be permitted to pass-through to the sensitive, protected electronics, before the SPD intervenes with the Metal Oxide Varistors absorbing surge and shunting the overcurrent to ground. A VPR of 330 V or less is desired. Some of the SPDs that I use have a Clamping Voltage of 188 V. 400 V is marginal, and 500 V is not worth connecting to electronic devices that matter, and is often described as “too little, too late”. The VPR of the Monster Vertex is a whopping 1000 V, which is obviously extremely high. The Monster Vertex measures approximately 11” l x 3.75” w x 1.5” h. It provides six protected taps which are arranged three per side on a slightly sloped top. The tap spacing and directional orientation are good for moderately sized power blocks. The unit has a rocker type On/Off switch and two white LED lamps, one of which is labeled “Grounded” and the other “Protected”. The power cord is 6’ in length. The Monster Vertex has a removable USB hub, which can be remotely extended up to 4’ from the surge suppressor via its thick, red braided nylon fabric jacketed cord. The USB hub provides two 2.4 Amp USB-A charging ports and one 20 Watt USB-C power delivery port. The USB hub has a strong magnet in the base, and a black metal mounting plate, with adhesive mounting pad, which is provided for remotely mounting the USB hub. The adhesive mounting is permanent. The braided cord can be neatly wrapped around the Vertex when the USB hub remains magnetically attached to the top of the Vertex unit. The main body of the Monster Vertex surge suppressor may be wall mounted vertically or horizontally via key-hole slots on the bottom of the unit. Mounting screws and a cardboard mounting template are included in the package. The bottom of the Monster Vertex has a silicone rubber strip around the perimeter to provide slip resistance. The Monster Vertex looks nice and modern, but the level of protection provided by the surge suppressor is not adequate due to the extremely high Let-Through Voltage (VPR) of 1000 volts. Other essential specifications are not even provided by the manufacturer. Regrettably, I am disappointed by the Monster Vertex. I will not use it for a TV, computer, or any other sensitive or valuable electronic devices. I can only use it for less sensitive devices.

Lifeworks Technology Group Publicado originalmente el Lifeworks Technology Group