Soporte inalámbrico para rejilla de ventilación mophie snap+



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Mantén tu dispositivo cargado estés donde estés con el soporte inalámbrico para rejilla de ventilación snap+. Este soporte liviano para auto tiene una base de carga desmontable para que también puedas cargar en casa. La operación simple con una sola mano y la alineación magnética permiten colocar o quitar el teléfono con una mano sola fácilmente. Es compatible con carga inalámbrica Qi y MagSafe. Haz llamadas y sigue indicaciones de GPS con la configuración manos libres. Además, el aro metálico universal se conecta a las mayoría de los smartphones compatibles para que se puedan usar con otros accesorios a presión.

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6 reseñas

Great Product

Amelia F. - Hace 8 días

This works great in holding and charging my phone! It does come loose from vent when I take the phone off but as you drive it stays on great!

Love it.....but.....

J. M. - Hace 3 días

LOVE the design. Love that its Mag Safe. Love that I dont need one of those clunky windshield mounts. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that my dashboard has a curve leading into the A/C vents and there is no way to extend it far enough to work for my car - which Im super sad about. So for now, I cant use it. Just make sure you have a really flat vent area and you should be good. I can tell I *would love it if my car didnt have curves. (for reference I have a 2013 Prius)

Does the job

Mark S. - Hace 6 días

Convenient and handy, but with phone attached occasionally will slide off vent on a turn or bump. Overall, satisfied with the charger.

Excellent magnetic car charger

Grant E. - Hace 10 días

These work well and charge the phones at a rate of 2.0a/5w. I own four of them now. One is used for rental cars (I travel a lot) and another in a heavy duty delivery box truck. In the vehicles with the worst suspension, deep ruts or bumps in the pavement will cause the phone to fall off and onto the driver or console, but in my Land Rover with an air suspension, falling never happens. Our family has the iPhone 12 Pro Max model only, all in the Apple MagSafe clear case. These iPhones work best with the Apple MagSafe case, as the “doubling up” of magnets in the phone body and case helps the car chargers grip the phone harder as there is more magnetic ferrous material for the magnetics in the charger to attract. Without that clear Apple MagSafe case, the phone would fall more often in the rough-riding vehicles. If your vehicle has an air suspension or cushy ride, these work great, especially when paired with a MagSafe case; but if your vehicle is a bone rattler, expect falls when you hit the worst construction bumps and potholes—especially if you don’t have your phone in a MagSafe case or used with the provided magnetic rings the chargers come with. The snap+ wireless vent mounts are not perfect, but they are good enough for my purposes.

Poor design

Sanjeev G. - Hace 4 días

Conceptually, the accessory is functional but has severe limitations. Within 2 days of use on my Highlander sports, it broke the vent clip on which it was mounted due to weight of the phone (iPhone 12 pro max). The vent tilts down after attaching. This will block your vent and there will be no air flow. The magnetic ring provided in the box came off the phone on a single use and rendered it useless. If you have a MagSafe case, then it holds well while driving the car. The charging cable is USB-c type, which forces you to use the provided cigarette lighter charger. A regular USB cable should have been an option as most of cars don’t have USB C port. Charging is very slow. For the high cost of the product, I have many other options available, which gives me similar option, functionality at much lower cost.

MagSafe charge vent mount

Craig W. - Hace 10 días

MagSafe works alright for a mount but when it comes to charging my phone. It is too inconsistent. It will start to charge my device then stop at random. I would rather prefer that a vent mount be made to fit the original apple MagSafe charger bc that works every time.