Extensor de red LTE de Verizon



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El extensor de red LTE de Verizon es como tener tu propia minitorre móvil para la oficina en tu casa.¹ Este dispositivo compacto y elegante mejora tu cobertura LTE existente sin costo mensual adicional.² Admite hasta 16 usuarios con potencia de transmisión baja y ofrece un buen rendimiento de radiofrecuencia (RF) gracias a una antena interna.³ Haz más de lo que te encanta con el extensor de red LTE y Verizon, la red más premiada del país.

Utiliza la conexión a Internet actual.
Coloca el extensor de red LTE de Verizon en tu hogar u oficina para ampliar tu red de Verizon y mejorar el servicio. El dispositivo, de instalación fácil y rápida, se conecta a tu conexión a Internet de alta velocidad existente.4

Admite muchos dispositivos.
Admite hasta 16 dispositivos activos a la vez con potencia de transmisión baja (50 mW).³ Obtén cobertura interior incluso donde las estaciones Macro no pueden brindar una buena señal. Encuentra automáticamente la banda LTE adecuada por ofrecer la conexión más intensa.

Fácil de usar.
Una pantalla LCD grande te facilita y agiliza configurar y hacer funcionar tu extensor de red LTE de Verizon. También están disponibles las opciones de montaje flexible para tu escritorio, pared y techo.5

¹Cobertura a hasta 7500 pies cuadrados a la redonda (un radio de 50 pies aproximadamente)
²Se cobra un cargo único por el extensor de red LTE de Verizon.
³La capacidad para dispositivos inactivos se basa en que uno de cinco usuarios estén activos en la población y varía según la ubicación y la hora del día. Admite 14 usuarios activos en cualquier momento. Un canal siempre se reserva para admitir 911 llamadas y otro se reserva para redireccionar llamadas.
4Requiere acceso a Internet siempre activo con 10 Mbps de descarga y 5 Mbps de carga como mínimo; se recomienda 20 Mbps de descarga y 10 Mbps de carga o más.
5Los accesorios de montaje se venden por separado.



141 reseñas


de los críticos recomiendan este producto.

0 to full bars after install!

RVAAlvarez - hace 1 día

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Just received our extender in the mail and installed it, and all I can say is “lifesaver.” We just moved into our new home and are able to get top speeds for everything…except our Verizon service. We had to activate Wi-Fi calling to get any calls through, otherwise we would get 1bar max. Saw this extender and now we are at a full set of bars of reception! We are in a 2 story 1500sqf home, and we’re able to get our coverage throughout the home. I was shocked when I saw the amp boot up and all of a sudden my iPhone 12 Pro hit full service. So glad I purchased this! We literally would not have service without it! Nitpicking a bit: 1 downside is I wish this came in white with white cables. The black is ok, but for mounting on a wall, I would have preferred it to be a little more subtle. But oh well, I’ll take it for it’s function and not necessarily it’s beauty.

Excellent device

Jim77 - Hace 2 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I purchased this network extender and I'm very satisfied. Without the device, my phone gets zero to two signal bars throughout my home but with the device, I consistently get four signal bars. The retail store had the device in stock and I had to contact Verizon customer support to have them activate the device on their end but once they did so, it started working perfectly. Setup involves an open port on your router for a wired ethernet connection and positioning near a window or using the very small wired, removable antenna and mounting it on the interior of a window. The unit seems well-built and includes power cable, a short ethernet cable, and the wired antenna with a convenient long cable so the main unit need not be right at the window. It required no configuration on my part -- on the extender or my modem/router. The activation took approximately one hour -- other than the additional time for me to contact support so they could activate the unit on their end. So far, I'm extremely satisfied with this device.

Very Happy

Mark614 - Hace 7 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

We live in a major city but have a dead zone in our neighborhood with 1-2 bars. Often during the day calls would not be received before the LTE Extender. Now service has improved greatly (4-5 bars always now). Once per day the Extender will drop out (reg 1-2 bars), but that lasts 5 minutes at most. This might be an internet issue rather than the LTE Extender. The internet speeds recommended by Verizon (20 down, 10 up) seem to be only needed if streaming through Verizon's network. Otherwise there isn't much bandwidth needed. Our house is 2,200 sqft. The Extender is on the first floor with 5 feet of antenna extended (full length well over 10 ft). There are 5 bars everywhere on the 2nd floor and in the basement. Service works about 40-50 ft outside the house but with only 3-4 bars. I would be surprised if neighbors can use our LTE Extender service (might be a concern for those in a condo/apt building). I should have bought this over a year ago instead of 3 weeks ago.

Easy set up, 5 bars in the whole house even on different floors and through walls.

H3188 - Hace 4 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Gives me 5 bars in my whole house. Easy to set up, no wires or antennas. Solved my Verizon phone issues completely. Always connects automatically.

Works well!

Christa - Hace 24 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I bought this a month a go and it’s changed my life. My service at home has improved tenfold.

I was skeptical but it works!

Angel - Hace 14 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

When we spoke with customer service they said it wouldn’t work with satellite internet when I explained we do have a router they agreed it was possible to work. Was very simple plug and play. And immediately we got full bars! Going from having no bars/1 bar to having full bars is amazing. It’s still slow loading but at least it loads! as it would not prior to adding the booster.