Interruptor de luz inteligente con Wi-Fi Wemo

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Controla tus luces con el interruptor de luz inteligente con Wi-Fi. Enciende y apaga las luces manos libres a través de tu asistente digital.¹ Controla tus luces con tu smartphone mediante la aplicación Wemo. Crea escenas con iluminación que varía durante el día estableciendo reglas y cronogramas. Y el modo Away hace que parezca que estás en casa, incluso cuando no lo estás. Y funciona con el Asistente de Google, Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Nest e IFTTT, por lo que se integra fácilmente en el ecosistema de tu hogar inteligente.

¹Cuando se empareja con un dispositivo o servicio de reconocimiento de voz, se vende por separado.


Calificación 4.2 de 5


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App doesn't find the device after 1 year of usage

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MarkIsNotHappy · 1 month ago

I develop software as a career. I have used Wemo for many years. These wls040 and wls0403 devices worked for about a year. I purchased 4 of them and ALL 4 have now failed to connect to the Wemo app. They can be added to the network. I can see them on the router but the Android Wemo app DOES NOT detect them. I have a windows-based 3rd party Wemo app and it finds them and controls them. After performing a factory reset multiple times, turning the power off and back on, uninstalling and reinstalling the Android app, uninstalling and reinstalling the app on an IPhone, I'm giving up and going with another brand. The return window closed a little over a week ago. Good luck if you purchase these.

Customer Support - 29 days ago

Hi, Mark, We understand how frustrating your experience is. There have been cloud issues reported in the past days but we have yet to get confirmation from the engineers who are currently conducting an investigation around this. For further discussion, we recommend ringing our hotline number or reach out to any of our Social Media accounts. Our contact details are available on our website. Regards, Rosalyn Wemo Support

A great device for programmable and remote control

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GeneK · 1 month ago

Gráfico con marca de verificación Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I have several of these and was pleased to add this to my collection. They install easily, but you must have a neutral wire in the electrical box, so check first. Also check the size of the box. These new smart devices don't fit well in older shallow boxes, so you might have to put in a deeper box. Finally, they do not work in 3-way installations. It looks like this one is a V2 model, which uses Apple HomeKit for setup, but it still works with WiFi only and no hub after setup. I think the newest V3 models require a HomeKit hub to operate at all, so I was pleased to find this V2 model on the Verizon site. Overall a great device for programmable light control and remote access.