Protector de pantalla ZAGG InvisibleShield GlassFusion VisionGuard+ con D3O para el iPhone 12 Pro Max



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Protege la pantalla de tu iPhone 12 Pro Max de grietas y rayones con el protector de pantalla InvisibleShield GlassFusion VisionGuard+ con D3O. El vidrio híbrido fabricado con material D3O proporciona una protección contra impactos de hasta 5 pies y astillamiento sin afectar la claridad o el grosor.¹ También evita que se astille y rompa. Y, con la tecnología antimicrobiana, evita las bacterias que causan olor y la degradación provocada por microorganismos.

Protección VisionGuard.
La capa protectora Eyesafe filtra la luz azul de alta energía para proteger tus ojos. Y, con rendimiento True Color, no distorsiona ni decolora la pantalla.

Fácil de colocar.
La herramienta de aplicación incluida te permite colocar  el protector de pantalla fácilmente, sin que queden burbujas ni protuberancias.

¹Según pruebas independientes.

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Clear, crisp, and protective

Eddie B. - hace 1 mes

I love the shield I have used these for several years now the best thing is the lifetime warranty of them! They never scratch with normal use nore get hazzy..

Super Glass w/Eye Protection

Alcide L. - hace 1 mes

Being a previous user of Invisible Shield and once having to witness the protection capabilities, I came back. Now, I discovered GlassFusion VisionGuard+ (protecting everything else, why not my eyes) with D3O and are amazed at the infusion of materials. It's beautiful when installed, having the look and feel of tempered glass versions. Utilizing an old steel chromed letter opener, whose tip is not smooth, an attempt was made to induce a scratch or two. Rubbing up and down the screen, I found the only thing happening was the finger smudges were being removed where I was scratching. Something out there may scratch it but, I was impressed with my attempt. Be patient and cautious when installing the protector, as it is not at all friendly like the tempered glass types, that can be carefully lifted and re-seated. This uses an adhesive of sorts. Doing it right once is the goal for this product. The protector wants to stay down once installed and that's a good thing. It's not like the tempered glass types, where some practically seal themselves. It's flexible and will stretch when trying to re-lift it to sort out a bubble issue. Just like pregnancy, stretch marks are permanent. Start at one end and slowly squeegee in one direction, while carefully lowering the protector, to eliminate the bubble potential. Most importantly, DO NOT let any flesh come in contact with the adhesive side. You will most likely end up with a noticeable spot on the protector you can not do anything about... except replace it for perfection. Have patience and take your time during installation, it's really not difficult. The frame aligned perfectly for my installation, the protector aligned perfectly with the frame and then to my phone. My Gear4 Battersea case, also with D3O technology, aligned magnificently to the edge of the protector, and completed my defense system. How do I know these things... I screwed the first one up and speak from the aforementioned experiences! FYI, the scratch test came after the realization I would replace the protector to meet my standards.

Glass looks great! I miraculously

Cody M. - Hace más de 2 meses

Glass looks great! I miraculously haven’t dropped my phone yet so I can’t comment on the durability but I will update once I have. Give me five minutes


Mark N. - Hace más de 2 meses

Cut just about edge to edge. Most coverage for the 12 ProMax


Andrew W. - Hace más de 5 meses

Installation was perfect and fun. Usually those thing don’t go together in the same sentence. The installation tool is what made it easy.

Finger smudges

Anette H. - Hace 25 días

I had a iPhone 6sPlus for years and had the Military grade film screen protector, that wasn’t glass, it was a film that healed itself if it got scratched. Love Love Loved it! When I went to order one for my new iPhone 12 max Pro, they didn’t make it for this one. So I bought the hybrid. I’m not in Love anymore, I’m comfortable it will protect my screen from breaking, BUT the finger smudges drives me nuts. The other type material didn’t smudge nearly as much, hopefully they will make it for the 12 soon.