LG V60 ThinQ 5G UW


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Comparte más de lo que te gusta con el LG V60 ThinQ 5G UW. Este elegante teléfono está listo para la creación de contenido 5G como nunca antes. Toma más fotos con una cámara de 64 MP y graba videos en asombroso 8K. Graba videoblogs como un profesional usando Voice Bokeh, una función de audio de última generación que destaca tu voz con una claridad sorprendente, incluso en ambientes ruidosos. O sumérgete en tu contenido 4k favorito en una pantalla OLED FullVision grande de 6.8 pulgadas. Y para quienes prefieren un control manos libres, es compatible con muchos comandos, incluso el Asistente de Google y Alexa. Comparte más y haz más con el LG V60 ThinQ 5G UW. Verizon, ahora con la cobertura de 5G Nationwide y el rendimiento incomparable de 5G Ultra Wideband.1



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de los críticos recomiendan este producto.

One of the best phones I ever owned people are sleeping on this product they always go for the iPhones thinking that's better or the Galaxy this phone

Bobbo the great - Hace 17 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

One of the best phones on the market right now with the LG lineup it's right up there with the Samsung galaxys and the iPhones excellent phone well worth the money 5G all the time and I live on Long island

Very Good Phone!

Johnny - Hace 2 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

The reviews on this phone. Against the Samsung S-21 ultra. Are BS! This phone is amazing! The dual screen is a amazing. The pictures are very good quality. I love this phone.

Best Phone Ever !!

Amber512 - Hace 3 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

This phone is unbelievably awesome! Great features, great graphics. It's like having a miniature gaming computer. The dual screen adds the perfect console for movies and game play as well as phone case. The gorilla glass means you don't have to worry about screen protector. Awesome !

Best phone I have ever had

Sammy - Hace 3 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Love this phone. I came on here to see if LG came out with a new version yet and was shocked to see some people hate this phone. I guess it is personal preference. For me, this is the best phone I have ever had. The camera is great, there is a ton of storage, the operating system is very fast, it sync's with all my devices wonderfully (chromebook, amazon devices, and my Ford pass). I have zero compaints about this phone.

Way under rated; Best phone I have ever owned!!!

byronski19 - hace 1 mes

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Where do I begin? This phone is excellent. I have come from all types of different brand phones including Samsung Note 9, iPhone XR, Samsung S10 Plus. Best phone has great setting options more than most. The camera and video recorder is by far the best especially if you know how to work manual mode and change the settings yourself. And the built-in ldac is a bonus because I am an audiophile and love to hear every note in a song and every instrument. I kid you not this is one of the best phones out right now especially if you are tech mogul and know how to use the different applications and manual options on this phone. The door screen is an extra bonus my kid loves it because it is a controller that does not take up the screen and I love it because you can put a keyboard on it. I promise you will not be displeased especially for the value!

Absolutely AMAZING phone!

Sara - hace 1 mes

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I recently upgraded from my LG G7 ThinQ. I've had an iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, a non flagship LG (K20 if I remember correctly) LG, Pixel, and now I'm back to LG. (Learned my lesson with not going with a flagship phone) I literally have no idea why people are complaining about this phone, it is absolute PERFECTION. I am on my phone A LOT during the day, and only twice has the 15% battery alert gone off in the month I've owned this phone. The camera is absolutely incredible. It took me a bit, but I was able to set it up like I had my last phone. (Not gonna lie, I am not a fan of the Android 10 layout, so I'm glad this phone allows you to change that) I haven't received my second screen yet so I am unable to review that as well, but considering it's likely coming from Korea in the middle of a pandemic which seems to be what has most people complaining because there is a 3-6 week window and it's taking longer, calm it. You will get your free accessory, don't rate a phone poorly because of the shipping for an accessory. The phone is built very solidly. I am a klutz with my phones and they go flying across the room often, but so far, my screen protector and case are doing their job. I also thought I would HATE such a massive phone, but now, every other phone feels WAY too small for me. My ONLY complaint about this phone is the fact that LG's Smart World app doesn't work with the Verizon version of the V60 yet, but according to the LG rep, it will be coming. I'm not a fan of the boring stock fonts/icons/themes/etc so once that gets rolled out, I'm going to be even more happy with this phone. I have literally never been this happy with a phone before, and I've had A LOT. LG also gives you a second year warranty if you register your device online (you will need a photo of the receipt and the side of the box with all the numbers and such) which is very assuring you have a second year of protection just in case. Again, I am incredibly happy with this phone, and I am incredibly glad I chose it.

1. 5G Ultra Wideband disponible solo en ciertos lugares de ciudades selectas. 5G Nationwide disponible en más de 2,700 ciudades.
2. Se requiere descargar la aplicación para Alexa.
3. Los dispositivos adicionales se venden por separado.
4. De acuerdo a la duración promedio de la batería en condiciones de uso normal. Rendimiento promedio esperado con uso típico. La duración real de la batería depende de factores como la red, las funciones seleccionadas, la frecuencia de las llamadas, el uso de datos y otros patrones de uso de aplicaciones. Los resultados pueden variar.
5 El estuche Dual-Screen se vende por separado.